BenQ Tk700 vs. BenQ X3000i projector

The BenQ TK700 and the BenQ X3000i are two similar projectors that offer bright, vibrant images. Both models have been rated 4 out of 5 stars on Amazon by customers who have purchased them. In this article, we’ll compare the features and pros/cons of each projector so you can decide which one is right for your needs!

BenQ TK700: Pros

  • Brightness: The BenQ TK700 projector has an advertised brightness of 1000 lumens, which is more than enough to fill a room with light.
  • Contrast Ratio: The contrast ratio on this projector is 3,000:1 and it’s good enough for most home theaters or family rooms where you want to watch movies at night in dark conditions.
  • Resolution: The resolution on this projector is 1920 x 1080 pixels—it’s not as high as some competing models at 4K but still offers plenty of detail even if you’re watching something like HDTV footage from a streaming service like Netflix or Hulu Plus (which can be watched on most TVs).
  • Lamp Life And Replacement Cycle: You can expect about 2000 hours of lamp life from your BenQ TK700 projector before needing to replace its lamps again; however, since these are standard E14 screw-in type bulbs instead of longer-lasting xenon bulbs like those found in some other projectors out there today (like the Samsung UN65JS9000), there may still be some degradation over time due to age effects caused by heat build up inside their casing structure itself.”

BenQ TK700: Cons

  • Not as bright as other projectors. The BenQ TK700 is a good choice if you want a projector that will work well indoors, but it’s not going to be the most powerful option out there. It has an average brightness of 3500 lumens and can only produce 3000 lumens when projecting on the wall or ceiling at its maximum distance of 60 inches (1.5 meters). This means that you’ll need to sit pretty close to your screen—and even then, there may be some room left for improvement if your room has plenty of light inside it already!
  • No HDR support or 3D compatibility with Blu-ray movies. The lack of either one means that this model won’t match up well against other models with those features included, so keep this in mind before making any purchases based solely off price alone (more expensive TVs offer better picture quality).

BenQ TK700: Specs

The BenQ TK700 has a 3000 lumens brightness rating, which is bright enough to make it suitable for both ambient light and dark rooms. It also has 2 HDMI ports and 2 VGA ports, so you can hook up your laptop or computer to the projector easily. The resolution of this model is 800 x 600 pixels (WXGA Pro), which makes it suitable for watching movies or playing games on your TV screen at home; however, if you’re looking for something higher quality like 1080p HD resolution then we recommend checking out our list of best VR headsets instead!

The BenQ TK700 weighs about 4 pounds without any accessories attached—so if weight isn’t really a priority then there are other models available on Amazon that weigh less than 3 pounds each (like this one).

BenQ X3000i: Pros

The BenQ X3000i projector has a 3000 ANSI Lumens brightness rating, which is ideal for watching movies in the dark. It also features a 2D/3D conversion feature that allows you to display 3D images without glasses or an additional adapter. This model can easily be connected via HDMI and DisplayPort, as well as VGA or DVI cables.

The BenQ TK700 projector also offers HDMI input ports; however, these are only physical ports on the back of this unit so they will not accept signals from other devices like smartphones or tablets with similar-looking inputs (like Apple’s Lightning).

BenQ X3000i: Cons

The BenQ TK700 is not a smart projector. It does not have Wi-Fi connectivity or support for digital streaming services like Netflix or Amazon Video. There’s no built-in speaker, so you’ll have to use an external sound system if you want to watch movies in your home theater setup.

The BenQ TK700 is more expensive than the BenQ X3000i, which makes it a less attractive option for those looking for an affordable price tag on their new screen projector. The X3000i comes with standard lens options that include zoom lenses (2x) and telephoto beams (3x), while the TK700 only has fixed focal lengths of 80cm/360 degree vertical throw distance at its widest setting and 60cm/360 degree horizontal throw distance at its longest setting.

BenQ X3000i: Specs

The BenQ X3000i has a native resolution of 3,000 lumens and it can output a 2.2:1 zoom ratio. It also features 4K UHD color gamut, which is the best option for most consumers today.

The projector comes with HDMI 2.0 with HDCP 2.2 compatibility (which makes it compatible with 4K content) as well as DCI-4K Color Gamut Display Technology that ensures rich colors are displayed without compromising on brightness or contrast levels while you’re watching your favorite movies or TV shows in high definition on this device!

Side by Side Comparison

The BenQ TK700 is a better projector than the BenQ X3000i. It has a higher resolution, brightness and contrast ratio.

The BenQ TK700 has an LED light source that can be adjusted to deliver up to 2,000 lumens of brightness (1,200 lumens in eco mode). The X3000i uses an integrated lamp that cannot be adjusted or replaced easily.

Both projectors have 120Hz refresh rate but their image quality depends on how they’re used: if you use it as a gaming device or watching movies at home then it won’t matter much since most people won’t notice any difference between 120Hz vs 200Hz anyway; however if you’re using this projector outside or in very bright environments then there could be issues with motion blur due to slower frame rates at those settings compared with standard 60Hz screens which would make for choppy images when playing games on PC/MacOS etc., although these types of programs aren’t common anymore so don’t worry too much about them!


Both BenQ TK700 and BenQ X3000i projectors have their advantages and disadvantages. If you are looking for a portable projector, then the BenQ TK700 has more features than the BenQ X3000i. It has better keystone correction, supports 3D movies and can output images from your computer or smartphone. If you need an outdoor projector with brighter image quality, we think that the BenQ X3000i would be a better choice because it has larger brightness range as well as support resolution up to 2160p.