BenQ W2700 (HT3550) vs TK850: Difference & Comparison

BenQ W2700 (HT3550) vs TK850

If you’re setting up a 4k projector, you’re getting a cinematic experience of a lifetime. The BenQ projectors are widely known for their superior technology, picture quality, contrast and high-resolution. But what’s the difference between BenQ W2700 VS TK850- and which one is perfect for you?

Both BenQ W2700 and TK850 are similarly priced, with just the difference of $9. When deciding between these projectors, it all depends on the environment the projector is set in and also what is your entertainment need. 

The BenQ W2700 or HT3550 (<<< Check on Amazon Now) is specially designed for darker environment and is a perfect fit for movie fans. Whereas, BenQ TK850 (<<< Check on Amazon) is designed for brighter environment and is a perfect fit for you if you’re a sports fan and love watching fast-paced live sports on big screen. Let’s break down how they compare so that you can decide yourself.

BenQ W2700 (HT3550) 4K Home Theater Projector Review

benq ht3550


BenQ W2700 or HT3550 is an excellent and affordable 4k projector. It has a smooth and glossy design with a square lens opening and has a pleasant metallic brown face plate. It also comes with a small lens cover to prevent light leakage from the lens onto the ceiling. Light leakage was used to be a major issue with BenQ’s earlier models, but now they’ve fixed it. BenQ W2700 (HT3550) delivers high-resolution images with a superior color technology. So, let’s check this projector out.

Picture Quality:

BenQ W2700 (HT3550)’s 4K display comes with  3840 × 2160 resolutions or 8.3 million individual pixels, which is around 4 times the pixel count of a full-HD projector. 

The addition of 3D makes the projector even more great for BenQ fans out there. As it actually displays 3D and 1080p instead of downscalling to 1080i like other manufacturers. 

Moreover, it offers impressive specs for a mid-range DLP projector. Its 10 element glass array provides deeper light penetration for increased sharpness, color and quality.

Color and Brightness:

The W2700 offers 2000 lumens of brightness, which is less than its earlier model HT2550. However, while testing, I found that it delivers slightly brighter images on screen. 

It also provides outstanding color accuracy for a midrange 4K projector and a large visible spectrum with Rec. 709. Combined with dynamic iris, a new lens array and an improved tone mapping, it produces a remarkable picture with excellent contrast ratio and impressive black levels. 

To get the most out of the projector, place the projector in a dark room. A little light will not do any harm, but if you have a large amount of ambient light, then the picture will appear a little washed out.

Installation and Set up:

BenQ W2700 or HT3550 has a very smooth and spontaneous set-up process. It provides a wider range of projector placement possibilities, par for the course in this price range. Which includes lens shift, 1.3x zoom and auto keystone correction. Lens shift spec basically lets users adjust the projected image without requiring to physically move the projector. And, auto keystone correction feature make sure that you get squared projected image from any location.

In terms of connectivity, it has a USB mini port, optical S/PDIF port with 2.1 channel support, two IR receivers and a USB Type A connection which allows to run Fire TV or Roku Streaming Stick. However, this model lacks Bluetooth connectivity, so you have to directly connect your speakers to the source. Addition of Bluetooth would be great to avoid long cable runs.

BenQ TK850 Projector Review

benq tk850


Similar to W2700(HT3550), BenQ TK850 is also a true 4K HDR-PRO projector, designed for movies, gaming and sports. Its lightweight, all-white design, with rounded edges, gives a stunning look. BenQ TK850’s aesthetics are similar to HT3550 except for the bluish color on the front face. It weighs around 9.3 lb (4.2 kg), though it is heavy for a portable projector, but for a 4K projector its weight is justified.

Picture Quality:   

Like W2700, BenQ TK850 display also comes with 8.3 million individual pixels to deliver high resolution 4k image. 

While both the projectors display sharp high resolution 1080p images and extra fine details but in terms of 3D, TK850 performs better than its counterpart.

Color and Brightness:

BenQ TK850 offers 3000 lumens of brightness with 245 watts lamp. It offers better brightness than its counterpart. It also has a 4 segment (RGBW) color wheel –  one red, one green, one blue, and one white. While white slice provides better brightness, color wheel is also a reason behind the rainbow effect. Though this effect is seen in few projectors but still, it is more frequent than W2700.

BenQ is one of the few projectors in the range of 1500 USD, that provides 98% of the Rec. 709 color coverage. Though it does not have wide color gamut, but still manages to give most accurate colors. Similar to W2700, it also offers active iris, which further improves its contrast level and produces deeper black levels.

BenQ TK850 has better brightness but less accurate colors. That’s why it is the best suitable for sports fan. It works great even with the ambient lights or in the semi lit room. 

Installation and Set up:

The BenQ TK850 also has flexible placement possibilities. Combined with lens shift and auto keystone feature, makes it easy to adjust the image without requiring to physically move the projector. It has 1.3x automatic zoom which projects image with better clarity and precision. 

In terms of connectivity, its specs are identical to that of BenQ W2700. It has 12v trigger, RS232C port and mini USB for service. It also 2 HDMI ports with HDCP 2.2 compatibility that also accepts 4K video quality and a USB power port for charging.

Conclusion: BenQ W2700 (HT3550) vs. BenQ TK850

BenQ W2700 (called the BenQ HT3550 in U.S.) and BenQ TK850 has almost identical feature. The only major difference between them is color and brightness. BenQ W2700 has better color accuracy but less brightness than its counterpart (<<< Find on Amazon). It is specially designed for dark environment and cinema lovers while BenQ TK850 has better brightness but less accurate colors, that’s why it is the best fit for casual viewing or your backyard and sports fans (<<< Find on Amazon). In the end, it all depends on you and your needs. Choose wisely and enjoy your day!