Epson 880 vs 2150: In-depth Comparison

EPSON 880 VS 2150

Epson is one of the most popular and trusted projector brand in the world. And, both Epson 880 and 2150 are good projectors. However, first time buyers usually get confused between Epson 880 vs 2150. Confusion usually may arise due to their specs and features, which are so much similar.

Both Epson 880 and Epson 2150 projectors provide 1080p high resolution, versatile connectivity. However, Epson 2150’s price is higher than 880. 

If you are also ready for refurbished 2150, that also will be a good deal, but we will discuss this later in the article.

In this article, I am going to discuss and compare Epson 880 vs 2150 and Epson vs refurbished 2150. We’ll look into each and every feature, specs, pros and cons of both of these projectors.

Epson 880 vs 2150 – Detailed Comparison

Epson 880Epson 2150
Brightness3,300 lumens2,500 lumens 
Contrast ratio16,000:160,000:1
Input Lag48.5ms27.8ms
Throw distance19’-16”26’-1”
Screen size222”218”

Epson Home Cinema 880 projector review

EPSon 880

Epson 880 provides excellent 1080p images, it further optimizes the data to make your fast-action sports and gaming smooth and fast.

It also has a powerful lamp which provides 3300 lumens of color brightness and 3300 lumens of white brightness to deliver ultra-bright images. Your screen will have enough luminosity to watch movies even in daylight.

Epson 880 offers outstanding color accuracy, clarity and brightness with contrast ratio up to 16000:1 in dark scenes.

It has versatile connectivity and is easy to set up, with Epson 880 you can easily connect your cable box, gaming console or streaming device and enjoy high-resolution content.

It also provides decent built-in speakers and four different color modes for better viewing experience.

Dynamic color mode is the best suitable for bright rooms while Natural color mode is best for dark rooms.

Cinema color mode is used when projecting color movies in a dark room and Bright cinema mode is used in a room with closed curtains. 

The most important feature of the Epson 880 is its built-in skew sensor. The sensor automatically analyzes any irregularity in the image’s shape and automatically corrects the keystone for square images.

Epson Home Cinema 2150 review

epson 2150

Epson 2150 offers high definition 1080p resolution up to 132 inches and 4x larger than a 60-inch flat panel. It also provides 2500 lumens of brightness, which is ideal for different lightning conditions.

Epson 880’s lumens is higher than 2150 but still, Epson 2150 provides better brightness and rich vibrant colors.

It allows wireless screen mirroring, you can easily mirror devices, photos or videos using Miracast. Epson 2150 has almost the same feature that Epson 880 contains. However, there are many new features available in Epson 2150 including vertical lens shifts and 1.6x worth of zoom which makes adjusting the image easier without moving the projector from its position.

Epson 2150 is excellent for casual gaming. You can play your games on a huge screen with superb detail. However, you’ll face a heating issue while playing games, so I will recommend you to carefully place the projector for proper ventilation.

You can even project on any flat surface but for better results you’ll need to buy a projection screen. It also provides different color modes similar to Epson 880.

Final Verdict: Epson 880 vs 2150?

I tested both the projectors and I found both projectors have approximately the same features but Epson 2150 delivered better results than Epson 880.

Epson 880 is an entry-level projector and contrast is more important than pixels. The 880 looks more washed out and also don’t have optical zoom that means you have to get the distance right for appropriate screen size.

However, Epson 880 is worth $599 dollar while Epson 2150 is worth $855. So, if You are willing to spend a little more on projector, you should definitely go for 2150.

Epson 880 vs refurbished 2150?

With, Epson 880 and refurbished Epson 2150 projector being at the same price, it is difficult between these two. Usually, a hesitant comes in buying an older projector. However, a refurbished 2150 from Epson would be a nice deal.

The biggest benefit of Epson 2150 over 880 would be optical zoom and lens shift also contrast also matters a lot. In the end I would like to say that if you have a bigger budget go for Epson 2150 and if not, then go refurbished 2150 direct from Epson.

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