Faltopu Portable Movie Projector Review

The Faltopu is a reliable portable projector that has plenty of features at an attractive price point. While its picture quality may not match up to some of the best home projectors, its portability makes it worth considering.


Faltopu comes in two versions: standard edition and pro edition. The former includes a special case to protect your projector when not in use (for instance, while traveling). Furthermore, it includes an extra HDMI cable which may come in handy if you have multiple devices to connect simultaneously to the projector.

Unboxing and Setup

When you unbox your Faltopu Portable Movie Projector, the first thing you’ll notice is its weight – around 2.6 pounds! At about one foot tall (30cm), this projector stands a foot tall in its box made of sturdy cardboard. Inside are all necessary setup items such as AC adapter, power cord, remote control with batteries included and instruction manual providing step-by-step instructions on how to setup your new device.

Once your new projector is set up, it’s time to connect it! We recommend using an HDMI cable which supports 1080p resolution output through either a USB port or VGA connection via an RCA jack port on older models.

Connectivity, Controls and User Experience

The Faltopu comes equipped with various connectivity options such as HDMI and VGA ports. Plus, you can use its built-in Wi-Fi to project content from your phone or tablet onto the projector screen.

The controls on this unit are straightforward and intuitive, making it user-friendly even if you’ve never used a projector before. There are two buttons on each side of your screen (one for power, one for menu). On top of those there are two more: one for brightness adjustment and another that lets you turn off/on the screen light by tapping once or twice depending on how long you press.

Picture Quality, Audio Quality and Performance

The picture quality is excellent, while the audio quality also meets expectations. All in all, this projector delivers a good performance.

The Faltopu Portable Movie Projector features an intuitive remote control, making it simple to adjust settings while watching films in your home or office.

Performance and Conclusion

The Faltopu Portable Movie Projector is one of the most budget-friendly projectors available. It boasts good performance and comes with an adjustable lens to focus light. Plus, it supports HDMI input so it can connect with any device such as laptops or smartphones. However, picture quality may not be up to par compared with other models in this range since it uses LCD instead of LED screens like most projectors nowadays (although there are exceptions). Overall I think if you’re searching for something cheap then this might be worth considering; otherwise there are better alternatives out there at similar prices or lower costs

The Faltopu is a portable projector built upon an impressive foundation.

The Faltopu is a portable projector built on an impressive foundation. It boasts high brightness, contrast ratio and resolution – perfect for indoor or outdoor use with bright images even in direct sunlight.

Setting up this product is a breeze: just plug it into an electrical outlet using its HDMI cable, connect your device via USB or AUX cable (included), turn on the power switch and enjoy!

The remote control features five buttons: two for volume adjustment/power switching up/down respectively; one button to select input source; and a fifth button that toggles modes between 1080p60fps video output and 3D video output (only available when connected to HDMI port).


In conclusion, the Faltopu is a reliable projector that offers excellent performance and value for money. It may not be perfect, but if you need something portable that can handle small rooms well, this could be your ideal option.