GooDee YG620 Portable Movie Projector Review

GooDee YG620 portable outdoor movie projector review

GooDee is a popular American brand known for its quality projectors. And YG620 is one of the most selling portable projector of GooDee. YG620 weighs 8.13 pounds, which is really lightweight compared to other high definition projectors. Combined with compact size, elegant design and lightweight makes it useful for people who are looking for a projector for travelling purposes.

In this article, we will discussYG620’s various key features, specs, pros, cons, and many other things. Before choosing the projector, always ask yourself a question like what you need it for? Is it for home theater? Or is it for outdoor? Or is it for gaming? So, that you have clear mind what to look for before buying the projector (<<< CHECK ON AMAZON NOW)

We will go through every detail so that you can decide if it fulfills your requirement or not, before making the final decision.

Key Features:

  • 300 inches huge display
  • Full HD 1920X1080 resolution for clearer content
  • Powerful HIFI stereo sound
  • Contrast ratio 7000:1
  • No fan noise
  • 5-year warranty
Compact size and portableNo Bluetooth or Wi-Fi capabilities
Loud speakersRequires AC connection
Reasonably priced
Native 1080p resolution
No fan noise

GooDee YG620 portable projector review – Feature Analysis

GooDee YG620 Portable Outdoor Movie Projector Review

Let’s go in detail with all the features YG620 got, and we’ll go in depth to uncover its various specs and features.

Image Quality:

GooDee YG620 provides brighter images on screen than other projectors in its price range.  YG620 works well even in daylight or with the fluorescent lamp on. You will not need to sit in complete darkness to watch your favorite movies. Bright and clear picture gives you wholesome viewing experience. 

It also offers a screen size of 46 to 300 inches with a projection distance of 5.6ft to 30.2ft. With a 300-inch huge screen, you can use your projector in the classroom or in your office. Combined with huge screen size and high-quality picture will make your presentation more engaging and entertaining.

One plus point for GooDee YG620 projector is that unlike other projectors, it doesn’t downscale or compress the image to show high-resolution video.

Its contrast ratio is 7000:1 which means that the brightest white is 1000x brighter than the darkest black. That’s why you can watch live sports on your YG620 even on a bright day.

Smart Features:

With the advancement of smart technologies in every field, projectors are also evolving with more and more smart features. If you look carefully enough you can find projectors with smart features at reasonable price. Let’s look at what smart features does GooDee YG620 has to offer to us.

Large Cooling Fan:

Most of the projectors tends to get hot whenever, someone uses them for more than two or three hours. And this results into lower battery life and effects projector’s performance.

GooDee YG620 has a large cooling fan which decreases the heat as it affects the performance of the projector. It also decreases the noise level to 30-40% compared to other standard projectors. YG620’s noise cancellation technology and a large cooling fan will give you less noise and high-performance.

HIFI level speakers:

GooDee YG620 boasts about its powerful 5-watt speakers. Sound quality is decent, but for an immersive movie sound experience, you’ll need external speakers for better sound experience.

Hook some good quality speakers via Bluetooth and enjoy your binge-watching nights.

Installation and Set-up:

YG620 is easy to set up and easy to use mainly because its compact and portable size. Connect your speakers or headphone through its 3.5 mm jack. It also offers two HDMI port for connecting your streaming device.

However, You may face little issue with optical zoom, you’ll have to adjust it to achieve the wanted size.

If you are still thinking about YG620 projector, you’ll be glad to know that GooDee offers 5 months free return for full refund and 5-year warranty for all repaired parts.

Bottom Line:

Overall, GooDee YG620 provides high-quality picture, it is easy to use and set-up, it has noise cancellation technology, remarkable color accuracy and surprisingly loudspeakers.

It is also compact and easy to carry, which makes it a perfect choice if you are looking for a portable projector for your backyard, classroom or for your office presentations.

However, if you are looking for a projector for gaming, then avoid this projector because it is not made for gaming. It also requires AC connection as it cannot run on battery. It has no Bluetooth or Wi-Fi capabilities. 

Before buying the projector, keep in mind it does not support many modern in-build features compared to an expensive high-end projector. But if you are thinking of using this projector for your home theater, backyard or office then it’s a perfect buy.