How Do You Fix A Dim Projector?

How Do You Fix A Dim Projector?

A Few months back, I faced a similar issue with my projector. While watching Netflix, I noticed that the lamp goes a little dim during the video, then suddenly brightens up. It took me some time to understand why the projector lamp keeps dimming and brightening automatically and some more time to fix a dim projector (<<< Click to see the product >>>).

There can be multiple reasons for why the bulb keeps flickering automatically. So, let’s find out what’s happening with your lamp and how to fix a dim projector by yourself.

Issue With “Auto Iris” Setting

In most of the instances, there is an issue with “Auto Iris” setting. When Auto iris is on, it automatically adjusts the brightness depending on the scene. 

For example, if it’s dark, the auto iris setting will allow less light through to give deeper black to the screen and if there is a brighter color, then it will allow more light through to give better color quality and fine details.

Usually, auto iris is used in surveillance and monitoring system because it is not possible to manually adjust the iris of each camera. 

The auto iris setting works better when used outside in the environment as the light keeps changing throughout the course of the day and if your auto iris setting is off, then you will get poor image quality and brightness.

But, due to improper implementation of “Dynamic Brightness” in projectors, the lamp dims and brightens automatically. So, if you have “Auto iris” on, then I would recommend you to turn off instantly and restart the projector. 

How To Turn Off “Auto Iris”?

As you know now Auto iris main function is to optimize the image based on the brightness of the content that is being projected on the screen.

You can turn off Auto iris simply by pressing the Auto iris button on the remote control to access the setting directly. However, if you can’t find the button or button does not work for some reason then, you can follow these following steps to turn off Auto iris setting.

  1. Turn on the projector and the image source.
  2. Press the menu button
  3. Then, select the image menu
  4. Go to Auto iris menu and turn it off.

Turn Off Your Eco-Mode On

Eco-mode reduces the lamp brightness and fan noise in order to save power and lamp life. While, in Normal mode, the projector sets maximum lamp brightness.

Many times eco-mode is also a culprit behind the flickering of the lamp. 

In order to save power and lamp life, eco-mode reduces the brightness, and therefore you see the bulb dims and brightens automatically.

So, turn off the eco-mode from setting menu and let the lamp-arc burn-in.

Your Lamp Is Just Fine

Yes, you heard it right! 

Usually, the issue you are facing right now, arises due to unstable lamp arc and this is a very common occurrence in the projectors. 

If you’re running your projector on economy mode, then first run it on high lamp power for over 10 hours and then switched it back to the economy mode.

Switching lamp modes or a few days helps to stabilize the arc. For most of the time, the issue goes away on its own as the arc slowly burns away electrodes and any other impurities that may be hindering with the process.

The lamp will again start dimming and brightening automatically, if the projector gets to 500 hours mark (depends on lamp to lamp). So, always keep in mind to run the projector in high power.

The Lamp’s brightness drops over the period of time, but that doesn’t mean that your bulb is defective. So, if you have bought a new bulb, then keep the old one too.

Do Projector Lamps Dim With Age?

Yes, all projector lamp ages over time. However, you’ll not be able to notice it as it is a gradual process. The brightness of the lamp decreases significantly as it reaches its threshold hour. Also, keep in mind, the bigger the screen size the greater chance of your lamp flickering with over time. If you notice low brightness and flickering of the lamp, then it is possible you lamp has reached its limit.

When to buy a new projector lamp?

If you have tried everything from switching eco-mode to normal mode, switching off and on auto iris setting. The lamp keeps flickering randomly and more frequently. Then it might be possible that your lamp has reached it its limit. In that case, it would be better to buy a new lamp asap.