Jimveo Projector Review – Best Budget Project ?

The Jimveo projector is the perfect solution for high-quality presentations, games and movies. It provides high brightness with vivid colors, which will make your experience more enjoyable.

Brightness and Picture Quality

Brightness and picture quality are two things to consider when buying a projector. The brightness of a projector refers to how much light it emits, while contrast ratio refers to the difference between the brightest point on your screen and its darkest point.

In terms of brightness, Jimveo Projector has a 2500 lumens output which makes it suitable for both indoor use (up to 200 square feet) or outdoor use up to 50 meters away from the wall. This means that you can watch movies at night without having any problems with dark rooms or light pollution from street lights outside your window!

As far as picture quality goes – Jimveo Projector boasts 3000:1 contrast ratio which makes it ideal for watching movies or watching sports events in high definition because there will be no fuzzing out when watching something intense on this machine!


The design of the projector is very compact and portable. It weighs just over 2 pounds, so it’s easy to carry in your backpack or suitcase when you’re traveling. The main body of the projector is made out of plastic that feels durable enough for long-term use, but doesn’t feel like it would break if dropped accidentally. The buttons are small enough that they’re easy to hit without looking at them directly (which can be frustrating with larger devices).

The battery life on this device is excellent: up to 90 minutes in power mode (with no screen), or up to 70 hours in Eco mode (with an LCD screen). That means you won’t have any trouble using it for presentations at work or school—provided you don’t go overboard!

Audio Quality

The audio quality from the mic is pretty good. It has a 2W mono speaker, which is enough to get you through ordinary tasks like watching Netflix or playing games, and it also comes with an audio jack so you can plug in other devices if you want to do more than just listen to music.

The projector has Bluetooth 4.2 technology built into it so that your phone or tablet can connect easily with it via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth 4.2.

Upgraded 4D Keystone & Sealed Optical Engine

The keystone correction is a feature that helps you to adjust the projection distance of your screen. It’s available in portrait mode, but not landscape mode. The upgraded 4D Keystone and Sealed Optical Engine will help you get the best image quality possible from your projector by helping it focus on objects near or far away from its lens without losing brightness or color fidelity.


Connectivity is the key to a good projector. You need to be able to connect your device, and you also need to have the right ports in order to do that. This projector has both 5G WiFi and Bluetooth built-in, along with two HDMI ports, one USB 2.0 port and one USB 3.0 port on the back of it. There’s even an audio out port for connecting speakers or headphones directly into your TV screen if needed!


We’ve covered some of the basics here, but there’s plenty more to say about how good the Jimveo Projector is. For example, we love its built-in Bluetooth connectivity and USB port so you can play music from your phone or tablet without having to connect it directly into the projector itself. Plus, this model includes 4D Keystone technology which makes it easier for you to see what’s going on in front of your eyes – just like a real movie theater!