Review Of The Jinhoo Ultra Portable Projector

jinhoo projector

The Jinhoo projector is based on a technology which takes advantage of nanometer sized light emitting particles, which are three times smaller than conventional LEDs, and also are more efficient. The technology also eliminates dark spots.

It is a great fit if you want to watch your favorite shows and movies on a big screen. Jinhoo directly connects to your TV using HDMI 2.0. The content is streamed from the device itself and can be watched without the need for a PC.

It is a cost-effective option that packs amazing features into a compact package. The Jinhoo M10 Wi-Fi version also has built-in YouTube and 40,000+ free movie channels, a screen saver, sleep timer, and energy-saving mode.

In this article will review the Jinhoo projector in detail, helping you to make a wise decision.


The Jinhoo projector is made up of plastic and is aesthetically appealing. It has a white body with a cyan-blue bottom. The connector on the top has a yellow LED that lights up when it starts. The aluminum exterior adds a stylish touch.

Jinhoo is smaller than most projectors and sits nicely on your TV stand or bedside table. It doesn’t have any unnecessary buttons, as the remote control is enough to control the projector.

It’s relatively compact for its size, measuring 254 mm in width, 165 mm in height, and 180 mm in depth. The Jinhoo is built for portability and ease of use, weighing just 0.5 kg, making it lightweight and easy to pack away.

Picture Quality

The Jinhoo Projection Screen, also called a ‘Jin-hoo’ is a 2.1-meter projector screen that can project most 24”-35” TV size (TV size: 24′′-35′′) images with an 800:1 contrast ratio.

With 5000 lumens and 3700 ANSI lumen, it can illuminate dark lecture halls and meeting rooms. The 3000:1 high contrast ratio is a great choice for presentations.

The Jinhoo projector uses 6 LED light source which consumes less than 5W to project bright images, and the screen brightness and contrast can be adjusted through three automatically switching modes. The LED lamp is replaceable, which greatly reduces maintenance costs.

The 5,000 lumens brightness makes it suitable for all kinds of lighting conditions. The resolution is not very high, but it makes watching videos, movies, and photos clear. The contrast ratio is also not very high, but the image appears nice.

The Jinhoo projector offers multiple modes of operation making it great for presentations, events, meal planning, video gaming, and more. There are multiple modes including slideshow, video, game, and more. The easy-to-use interface and the wide application range make this a very flexible and helpful tool.

The powerful optical engine gives the best image quality, the 3500K lighting color delivers great brightness and a stunning cinema experience and the ultra-high definition image resolution brings your photos and videos to life.

Sound Quality

The sound quality isn’t great due to the poor sound insulation between the projector and the speakers, but the bass is pretty decent considering the size of the device.

The standout feature of the Jinhoo is its ability to play 360-degree videos – as well as 360-degree pictures and photos – at a resolution of up to 2,880 x 1,440 pixels at 30 frames per second.

The 3.5 mm audio port on the projector means you can use your own headphones if you prefer.


The Jinhoo projector supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to stream video content wirelessly from your smartphone or other compatible devices.

The projector also provides 2x HDMI inputs, 1 USB input, and a microSD card slot. The Jinhoo is not compatible with Amazon Fire TV and Roku devices, however, most other devices should work, and it supports some video formats up to 1080p HD.

The projector comes with Bluetooth connectivity, which allows it to interact with smart home devices. It has an ambient light sensor and can run on batteries for emergencies. It can connect to DLNA devices for media and games.

For security, the projector’s password protection keeps it safe. It has a 3.5 mm audio jack for speakers, and also comes with a USB and HDMI port for other devices.

It is now available on a 24-week payment plan from just £0.99 per month, plus £209 upfront.

How to set it up for the first time ?

Unlike a projector bulb, the bulb in your Xiaomi Projector needs to be replaced only if it starts flickering or goes out completely. You don’t need to replace it if you clean it with a damp cloth and change its color.

If you want to clean your lens or filter as well, then you can use a projector bulb cleaner too!


A projector is a big investment and it’s important to get the most out of your purchase. With that in mind, Jinhoo Projectors offers a 1-year warranty on all its projectors. The warranty covers everything, so if something breaks within the specified timeframe, you can simply send it back for repair or replacement at no cost.


The jinhoo projectors are an inexpensive way to get a quality projector that is easy to use, and offers a lot of features at a low price. The jinhoo projectors have been well-received by consumers since their release in 2015, with some users reporting problems with the picture quality but overall being satisfied with their purchase. The best part about these projectors is that they come in all sizes including 40″, 50″ or 60″. You can also get one if you want something smaller like 15″, 16″, 17″ or 19″.