LG HF85LA Ultra-Short-Throw Projector Review

LG HF85LA Ultra-Short-Throw Projector Review

Your wait is over now! Finally, I’ve got my hands on LG hf85la ultra-short-throw projector. As technologies are evolving day-by-day, why stick to old T.V boxes when you can enjoy smart TV functionality on the big screen with splendid features of LG HF85LA XPR Full HD Laser Projector.

The LG projector enables you to project even in small rooms with ease and their ability to display the images in bigger rooms than any TV is the most appealing for any customer.

It is a full HD portable projector ultra-short-throw which can be placed close to the wall or screen and still can array a big clearer image with a captivating brightness. The user-oriented WebOS Smart TV model offers HDMI, USB, Bluetooth connectivity, and a built-in tuner.

Why you should go ahead with LG HF85LA

  • User-oriented handy projector.
  • Variable distance from the screen/wall.
  • In-built Bluetooth tuner
  • Easy to navigate menus 
  • The sturdy model is better balanced.
  • No hitch with a quick single-click on/off.

 Things to avoid  

  • No in-built speakers.
  • Requires a light-controlled room. 
  • Wireless streaming.
  • Not compatible with iOS devices.

Picture Quality 

LG hf85la comes with 4K  full HD resolution (1080 p) that provides  high definition images on the wall or screen. The graphics are smooth and steadily lit with an optimum brightness uniformity which is outstanding for an ultra-short-throw.

The colour contrast is pleasing to one’s eye and even when it is set up in the darkroom which makes the best viewing experience. Black levels of this projector are sufficient and incomparable to another projector in this price range. The adjustments of colour temperature are efficiently effective.

With its laser lamp life, it enables to deliver years of attested service by providing crystal clear images. This TruMotion technology LG hf85la is a newly updated successor that uses Motion Estimation and Motion Compensation which prevents blurriness even at running fast-paced content. (<<< Check On Amazon Now)

Colour and Brightness

LG rates at 1500 ANSI lumens offer aesthetically pleasing ambient HD images with noticeable radiance and vibrant colours. Among all colour modes, HF85LA colour brightness is about 68% of its white brightness.

And despite the many conventional front projection products, its brightness uniformity is quite balanced  (81%) which is far much better than most of the UST projectors.  

Installation and set up

Installing an ultra-short-throw projector is much easier than any other projector. It is designed in a way that requires a flat surface to stand on without any angled or plafond-mounted installations which undoubtedly makes the setup feasible. 

Its image will distort if it is projected from such an acute angle upward or from any screen waviness. The smooth screen with rigidity will suffice when it is evenly tensioned on all sides.

Also, to orient the projector it should be projected perpendicular to the screen or any other angle will cause significant image keystoning. 

If preferred, the projector can be plafond-mounted however it must be kept under less than two feet right above the screen.

One of the appealing sights of the HF85LA is when it is placed right under a screen which completely eliminates the cost of a ceiling mount and makes the installation hassle-free with the warranty of 1-year parts and labour carry-in-service. (<<< Check On Amazon Now)

Streaming and Connectivity

To keep in mind, it supports wireless streaming through WiFi that allows mirroring content from any Android or Windows device.

With no speakers in-built for which it requires to connect with an external sound source for the audio. LG hf85la comes with a remote packed with several features and provides easy navigation. 

Its astonishing superfast connectivity with Bluetooth, USB, and Dual HDMI gives errorless screening in one go. It comprises bluetooth audio output which is buzz and rattle-free even at their maximum.

For the best listening experience, it can also be fixed with any other optical digital audio output or with external speakers. Meanwhile, using this LG projector, you can’t install every streaming app because the brand only covers the basics. 

Other smart features

As LG never leaves its customers unsatisfied with their products, hf85la is one of them. A UST projection screen is one of the unique features which makes it different i.e its laser illumination through which a user can experience a 4k UHD video experience in their room where it is specifically designed for an ultra-short-throw projector screen. 

It comes with a magic remote with gesture control along with another smart feature which is Bluetooth audio output, a rare feature on a home theatre with cheap maintenance and an upgraded radiant better than any LED model. (<<< Check On Amazon Now)


LG’s laser-inbuilt ultra-short-throw offers extraordinary functions to the most extortionate side of the UST market. Its ease of use and easy installation gives you a theatre-like experience in the dark with its huge screen.

They provide exceptional features such as better specs, short-throw ratios, and quality visuals with the best ambience. 

Since it hefts less than 7 lbs which is easier to carry through the door and set up than a big screen T.V which you can project onto a plain white wall and if desired for a better view fix the black borders- visuals always look better in a frame.  

The brand focuses on visuals rather than audio quality and if it is paired with external speakers then LG ultra-short-throw will be hard to beat.

The larger picture is projected with a compatible big sound. If you are looking forward to buying any UST projector then LG hf85la makes it the best choice among all.