Nebula Capsule vs. BenQ GV1: Mini Projector Comparison

When choosing mini projector, its portability and size matters a lot, without excluding picture quality, brightness, hardware and contrast ratio. Nebula Capsule vs BenQ GV1 are both popular choice for mini projector. They both provide excellent clarity and high-resolution images on screen and comes in a similar price range. That’s why it is little confusing, when choosing between Nebula Capsule and BenQ GV1.

While, Nebula Capsule has better navigation and user interface, BenQ GV1 is more versatile in terms of both brightness and color accuracy. Let’s take a look at both the projector and see which projector is best for you.  

Nebula Capsule Mini Projector Review

Nebula Capsule Mini Projector Review

Nebula Capsule is designed to provide large, crisp and bright images without compromising with its weight and portability – and it delivers on its promise. The best thing about Nebula is its sturdy built, you can place it on any surface, turn it on and start enjoying movies with your family or friends.

Mini Projectors are portable and lightweight but usually suffers from low-resolution and fewer lumens of brightness. Nebula Capsule has 500 lumens of brightness. So, you’ll need to turn off your light before starting the projector. You’ll not face any problem with brightness in darker environment but if your lights are on, it will affect your viewing experience. Also, the resolution of Nebula Capsule is only 854×480. However, if the projector is placed up to 8 feet away from the wall, you’ll not notice low resolution and can enjoy movies on a 100inch screen. Overall, Nebula Capsule provides average picture quality and brightness.  

In terms of setting up and installation, it is super easy to use and because of its strong aluminum body, it is also highly durable. It can even survive 5 and 7-year-old kids playing with it. Switching between rooms while watching movies is also pretty convenient, you just have to carry your tripod from one place to another. Moreover, auto keystone feature helps to detect and correct the distorted picture.

Nebula Capsule comes with Android 7.1 OS and uses Aptoide store. The major disappointment of this projector is that it does not come with Google Play Store installed. Therefore, you’ll need to install it before accessing the apps. First, go to settings menu then go to “About” and press Android version five times consecutively. A window will appear asking for password. Type “gmstest1221” and at last click on Done and your Google Play Store will be installed.

If these steps does not work somehow, then you can also download APK files from “” and install it from your file manager.

If you are an Apple user and uses a lot of Apple products, it’ll be super easy and very convenient for you to use this projector. You can also easily mirror screens of your smartphone through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Nebula Capsule also comes with a smartphone app, which can also be used as a remote. So, you’ll never have to worry about your remote.

The battery performance is decent, you can comfortably stream videos for more than 4 hours. However, it is better to buy an extra portable charger, if you are travelling, so that you can use your projector while charging it at the same time.

The Speakers are surprisingly loud for a mini projector. You’ll not need to buy an external speaker, it’s in built speakers are loud enough to watch movies comfortably. However, if you prefer not to use speakers, you can connect your projector with headphone or speaker through Bluetooth.

BenQ GV1 Mini Projector Review

BenQ GV1 Mini Projector Review

The excellent picture quality and higher contrast ratio makes BenQ GV1 an ideal choice for a mini projector. It has many powerful features, which makes it better than other mini projectors for this price range.

GV1 weighs around 708gm, which is a bit heavier than Nebula Capsule and is around 6-inch tall. Its compact size and portability makes it easier to carry while travelling. 

The BenQ GV1 has more than 500 lumens of brightness. You’ll not need to turn off your lights to watch movies. It works fine even in bright environment. Its superior color accuracy with high contrast makes it as good as home theater’s. Every color is 

The maximum resolution of BenQ projector is 1280×800, resulting in 16:10 aspect ratio. It can display 720p high definition video. 

BenQ GV1 can project large image with small projection distance. Therefore, it is a perfect choice for people who have smaller rooms.

It also has the highest contrast ratio of 100,000:1. The contrast ratio is important as it describes the ratio of the whitest white and darkest black of the projector. The projector, which has higher contrast ratio, has more clearly defined detail. Overall, BenQ GV1 has much better picture quality than Nebula Capsule.

The Sound quality of the projector is just okay. However, you can easily connect your Bluetooth speakers or headphone for better experience. You can also easily connect your smartphone with projector and listen to music from projector’s speakers.

Similar to Nebula Capsule, it also has Android 7.1 OS and uses Aptoide TV store instead of Google Play Store. However, you can install it manually through the steps similar to Nebula Capsule. The major disadvantage of BenQ GV1 is that you’ll need to carry the remote everywhere with you.

The Auto keystone correction function works pretty well. It automatically corrects the distorted image, so that if the BenQ is high or low, it will always maintain the rectangular image.

BenQ GV1 is also capable of streaming Netflix, Hulu or any other platforms with USB-C port from smartphone or laptop, while charging the projector at the same time. It is also completely compatible with Google Cast and Airplay.

Nebula Capsule vs. BenQ GV1: Conclusion 

In terms of brightness, color accuracy and contrast ratio, BenQ GV1 clearly beats Nebula Capsule. The contrast ratio of Nebula Capsule is pretty low in comparison to BenQ GV1. 

While, Nebula Capsule has better battery life, better sound quality than BenQ GV1. However, its cons outweigh its pros. Therefore, If I had to choose between Nebula Capsule and BenQ GV1, I would choose BenQ GV1 every time for its excellent color accuracy and picture quality.