Podoor N5 Mini Projector Review

The Podoor N5 Mini Projector is a small and portable projector that can be used both indoors and outdoors. It comes with a built-in battery that allows it to be used for a long time on a single charge.

The device also includes two HDMI ports so you can connect your devices right away without having to worry about power supply issues.


The Podoor N5 Mini projector comes with a range of features that make it versatile, easy to use and versatile. It has HDMI, USB, and VGA ports as well as Wi-Fi support for streaming content from your smartphone or laptop.

The Podoor N5 Mini also supports Bluetooth so you can connect wirelessly to a device like an air mouse or keyboard without cables.

It’s important to note that while this projector is compatible with Miracast technology (which is built into most recent smartphones), the screen size required for Miracast is much smaller than what’s available on this model—so if you want to use your phone as a remote control feature then we recommend going up another size instead!

Design and Build Quality

  • The projector is very small and portable. It measures about 6 inches by 2 inches, so it’s easy to carry around with you wherever you go.
  • The projector has a good build quality and feels solid in your hand when holding it for extended periods of time. The plastic material used for its enclosure makes it durable, but if you’re looking for something that will last through years of use, this isn’t the right choice for you!

Setup and Usability

The Podoor N5 Mini projector is easy to use and set up. It comes with all the necessary accessories, including a power cable, HDMI cable and remote control. You can easily connect the projector to your TV or computer monitor using an HDMI port or VGA port on your device.

You can also use it as a portable device by connecting it through USB Type-C port if you have one of those handy in your phone or laptop bag!

The Podoor N5 Mini has good overall usability which makes it ideal for watching movies at home or traveling with kids who want to watch cartoons together but don’t want them disturbing their parents’ sleep (or vice versa).

Performance and Image Quality

The projector has a brightness of 1200 lumens and can project an image up to 100 inches on a screen. It’s bright enough for a small room, but if you’re planning on using it in your living room or office, we’d recommend getting something bigger.

The picture quality is good for this price range but not as good as an LED TV (which costs more). However, if you want something portable that can be used with your phone or laptop then this is perfect!


The Podoor N5 Mini Projector is a great little device that can be used as a home theater projector, and even as a portable one.

It’s easy to use, has a sleek design and comes with all the bells and whistles you need for your next project. You can connect it directly to your TV or computer using an HDMI cable (which also works with Apple TVs) or use the included USB cable if you want to connect it directly into an Apple device like an iPhone or iPad.

Our final thoughts on this product are that it’s worth buying if you’re looking for something small but powerful; we recommend it!

The Podoor N5 Mini Projector is a great choice for an affordable and reliable home theatre projector.

It has some great features, such as USB ports and a built-in speaker system that lets you enjoy movies or music without disturbing others around you.

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