SONY VPL-VW295ES vs VPL-VW325ES: In Depth Comparison

SONY VPL-VW295ES vs VPL-VW325ES In Depth Comparison

Today, we are going to do comparison between projector models Sony VPL-VW295ES and the VPL-VW325 ES, we will take a brief look on their specs.

Sony’s projectors are popular among the projectors-lovers. It is a well-known brand all over the world and people trust their products for its quality, features and user experience. They are a bit expensive than other projectors, but also provides you with a never-ending cinematic experience. 

Choosing between Sony VW295ES and VW325ES can be a daunting task. While, Sony VW295ES brings you 4K resolution with smooth and blur-free action at a lower price. The VW325ES has better contrast, lower input lag and Motionflow to give you a smoother, natural and lifelike picture on screen.

Let’s take a look at the features of Sony 295ES and 325ES and decide which projector is worth your time and money.

Sony VPL-VW295ES – Review

sony vw295es review

Sony VW295ES is the major upgrade over 2017’s VW260R2. A Major improvement is that now motionflow can be deployed in 4k content, which allows you to watch fast action sports at high-definition resolution (<<< Find on Amazon Now).

It offers 8.8 million pixel, and can project content up to 60 frames per second in native 4k resolution for smoother and real-life images.

295ES weighs around 14 kg or 31lb, this makes it too heavy to carry around while travelling. While, 1500 lumens of brightness of Sony VPL-VW295ES makes picture quality amazing and the light good enough for low ambience even for 300” screen.

It has low lumens compared to other cheap projectors but don’t be fooled by this as Sony 295ES has thrice the brighter color than a normal projector.

With motorized zoom and wide lens shift change, it’ll be easy for you to install the projector. As motorized zoom allows us to control the zoom functions without direct contact with the projector. You can adjust your projector’s position up to 85% vertically and 31% horizontally for better viewing experience. 

It also has nine different calibrated picture modes, each for different theme, which includes two theater film modes, theater digital, reference, TV, photo, game, bright cinema and bright TV.

Sony 295ES with 225 W ultra-high pressure lamp provide 6,000 hours of viewing time. The lamp will save you both time and money with fewer lamp swaps and simple maintenance. 

With the help of its built-in 3D transmitter, you can enjoy your favorite 3D content. Not only that, you can even convert your 2D video to a spectacular 3D immersive video easily.

Sony has also improved gamma tracking on the 295ES. Previous Sony projectors used to suffer from high gamma drop, which made shared detail to look indistinct.

Sony VPL-VW325ES – Review

On April 15, 2021, Sony announced a new native 4k projector, VPL-VW325ES. It boasts X1 video processor, which helps it to further enhance the quality of 4K content. It also has improved 3D functionality and lower input lag than its predecessors.

The video processor also offers features like Dynamic HDR enhancer and high resolution for better cinematic experience (<<< Find on Amazon).

The Dynamic HDR enhancer feature will help you to see increased brightness of the lightest part of the picture, without compromising the dark part.

It delivers the highest contrast ratio, resulting into 4K HDR content on your screen. 

The Sony VPL-VW325ES with 225-W lamp offers 1500 lumens of high brightness. Its lamp offers 6000 hours worth of viewing time in low mode. The lamp will save you a lot of money with fewer lamp swaps, reduced running cost and maintenance cost.

Installation of Sony VW325ES is straightforward compared to other heavy projectors. It is equipped with motorized and wide lens shift, which further makes it easy for you to adjust your projector.

However, due to its heavy weight, you can’t carry for long, just like 295ES. To watch the movies at right angle, keep the horizontal position of the projector up to 31% and the vertical position up to 85%.

Sony VW325ES offers breathtaking picture quality. It analyzes the detail of the content to the pixel level to produce high-quality pictures to your screen. It also has a large 4K aspherical lens for better sharpness and clarity of the picture.

Sony Motionflow works great in combining the frame rate of recorded material with the refresh rate of the screen. This process further helps the picture to appear more natural and smoother.

It also automatically upscales your video quality by adding frames to reduce the blurriness. However, it is not advisable to turn on this feature while playing games as it will affect your gameplay.

SONY VPL-VW295ES vs VPL-VW325ES: Conclusion

Sony VPL-VW295ES is an older model; therefore its price is lower than 325ES. It has most of the same features as Sony 325ES which includes Motionflow, reality creation, IMAX enhanced and HDR compatibly.

X1 video processor, low input lag, high contrast ratio and superior picture quality of Sony VPL-VW325ES give it the edge over 295ES model. With Sony 325ES, you can also upscale your existing video quality.

Though the price of Sony VPL-VW295 is lower than 325ES but still, it doesn’t come under budget projectors. So, in my opinion, you should definitely go for Sony VPL-325ES, that would be a great deal (<<< Click to see the product).