ViewSonic PX701-4k Review- An Honest Insight for 2021

ViewSonic PX701-4K An Honest Insight for 2021

A quality projector is a hundred time better than any standard projector. If you don’t choose your projector wisely, you may have to deal with a low quality, less durable projector.

Are you still unable to decide which projector you should go for? Or you have decided to go for ViewSonic PX701-4k but want further information? 

If so, then don’t worry! 

In this article I have honestly explained ViewSonic PX701-4k projector. Before going in-depth let’s look at the key features of ViewSonic PX701-4k.

Key features of ViewSonic PX701-4k:

  • Screen size up to 300 inches.
  • Bright images in any environment.
  • Next-level gaming with 4.2ms low input lag and 240hz refresh rate.
  • Wider color gamut.
  • Livestream sport events.
  • Easy and flexible setup.
  • Super long lamp life.
Pros Cons 
15k hours long lamp lifeA little fan noise
Powerful 10W speakers
Dual HDMI connectivity
Beautiful 4k ultra HD resolution

ViewSonic PX701-4k Review – Featured Analysis:

viewsonic px701-4k projector review

It is important to look at features and specs before buying a projector. Let’s take a dive into it and see which features and specs viewsonic has to offer.

Image Quality:

As viewsonic offers stunning 4k ultra HD resolution, you can enjoy widescreen 4k movies on your screens.

It has 3840×2160 distinct pixels for 8.3 million pixel 4k UHD resolution thus creating high-quality and crisp images. 

Furthermore, it offers 3200 ANSI lumens of brightness which means that you can comfortably watch movies in any environment. You can even enjoy your movies in a bright environment.

However, you may face one minor issue, like all the 4k portable projectors in the market, viewsonic also uses Texas instrument DLP chip. Because of this you may see a thick black band around the edges of your image.

It is not viewsonic’s fault, most of the 4k projectors using TI chip face this issue. If you have thick curtains in your home theater, then you can easily mask the sides.

Responsive Gameplay:

Do you like gaming? But game lags on your projector? If yes, then you should absolutely go for viewsonic projector as its low 4.2ms input and 240Hz refresh rate will deliver you with ultra-fast and smooth gameplay.

I played COD on viewsonic, and honestly, I didn’t face any problem with it. You can even play your games in your backyard with this projector.

Wireless connections:

Viewsonic PX701-4K has dual HDMI ports, you can connect your gaming consoles, media players, PC, and mobile devices for any occasion. Sadly, it does not support Bluetooth connectivity.

Value for money:

The price of the projector seems too good to be true for a true 4k projector. Viewsonic PX701-4k offers convenience, quality, portability at a budget price. As a budget 4k projector it has some cons that you should know before buying it: a little fan noise and no bluetooth connectivity.

On the other hand, if you’re not a tech-savvy person and just want a quality 4k portable projector for your home, office or campsite, you are good to go.

Installation and Setup

Setting up a projector can seem a little complex for first time buyers. It is important to properly set up the projector to get optimum experience. So, that you don’t face any problem.

Before setting up the projector, in your case Viewsonic PX701, it is important to choose a perfect location. Location of a projector depends on three factors. One, size and position of your screen. Second, location of a suitable power outlet and third, location and distance between the projector.

ViewSonic PX701-4K is designed to be installed in four different positions. You can put your projector near the floor in front or behind the screen, or you can suspend the projector upside down from the ceiling in front or behind the screen.

For 200-inch screen size the projection distance must be from 262 to 288 inches for optimum experience. For 69-inch screen size the projection distance must be from 79 to 86 inches.

Viewsonic’s horizontal and vertical keystone correction allows viewers to watch screen from any angle while corner adjustment feature will prevent crooked and distorted images on screen.

Note: if you are putting your projector behind the screen, you’ll need a special rear projection screen.

Mounting ViewSonic PX701-4K

When you buy ViewSonic PX701-4K, the ceiling mount comes with the projector. However, if you are using a third-party ceiling mount, make sure to use the correct screw size.

Screw type: M4 x 8

Maximum Screw length: 8 mm

Our Takeaway:

We have just written a detailed Viewsonic PX701-4K review for you, and keeping even the smallest detail for you. It is easy to say viewsonic projector is the best deal for this price.

You can comfortably watch the screen in any environment bright or dark, it has an auto keystone correction which allows viewers to watch the screen from any angle, responsive gameplay, long lamp life and that at a low price. For more information view on Amazon.