WeMax Dice Vs XGIMI Halo – Comparison


Now no need to carry a 50-pound high-end home theater projector with you. Try portable projectors, which are small packets of big bangs. It offers a better watching experience and is easy to carry. 

But one of the major issues people face with portable projectors is they lack picture clarity and onboard speakers with limited power. No need to get upset! Two portable projectors resolve these problems: XGIMI Halo and WeMax Dice. 

Both projectors are lightweight, fall with strong built-in speakers and generate full Hd pictures. They both have their unique strengths. If you are confused about which to bring into your lifestyle then keep reading this article. 

In this article, we will discuss XGIMI Halo Vs WeMax Dice, their comparison, smart features and many more. 

Let’s get a closer picture of what they have to offer. Without any further due, let’s begin.

Sound Quality and Brightness

Sound quality is one of the major concerns for looking for portable projectors as you can’t be able to take your sound system everywhere with you, so a portable projector with an onboard system should be considered. 

XGIMI Halo and WeMax Dice offer 10W onboard speakers. Dice speakers have good mid-range dialogue clarity and function decent for watching shows and movies.

Halo comes up with inbuilt Harman Kardon speakers and offers Dolby audio support, and it provides a fuller bass response and natural sound. 

Talking about brightness, then Wemax Dice has 700 ANSI lumens. It’s decent but can’t be used in a business presentation context as it’s pretty low. But this is not a major problem or a deal-breaker as it works decently at night or in the dark to watch movies and shows.

It’s still worth considering if you are looking for a big screen projector with amazing portability and user-friendly design.

Whereas XGIMI Halo offers 800 ANSI lumens that are impressive brightness for such a compact projector. This brightness is more than enough to watch video content on an 80° screen room.

Overall, for best sound quality and brightness, XGIMI Halo is the winner. (>>> Check on Amazon)

WeMax Dice Vs XGIMI HaloInstallation & Set-up

Both projectors don’t take too much space, and they are short thrown models, and Dice need one foot extra than Halo. They both come up with an automatic focus adjustment and vertical keystone correction, making image alignment easy.

Halo setup is super easy, switch on the projector and focus, and keystone correction happens automatically. You can place it near you and still enjoy a wide display on screen because it supports 40° ‘s horizontal and vertical keystone correction.

All this hardly takes a few minutes but logging into Android TV and signing to streaming apps will take quite some time. 

Dice is easier to set up as it comes with four corners image alignment, ensuring the image is centered. Its automatic focus ability without manual intervention keeps the picture sharp.

For a better experience, it has four rubber feet at the bottom and a quarter-inch-screw type tripod mount; attach it with a tripod and enjoy a theater feel at home.

Hence, in terms of offering better flexibility than adjustment, Dice comes ahead. 

Overall, Dice offer a better setup and flexibility than Halo. (>>> Check on Amazon)

Smart features

Both Halo and Dice offer similar smart features. XGIMI HALO provides similar features to Dice and takes them a step ahead. Along with Google Play Store and popular apps, it includes Netflix missing in Dice.

It uses Google’s Android TV 9.0 OS for amazing menus and apps. Like Dice, it also includes Google Assistant, which offers fruitful voice search. It supports screen mirroring from Apple and Android devices as it works with Chromecast and Airplay.

WebiMax has an Android 9.0 interface, and you can easily download your apps from Google Play Store and support popular streaming apps, including Prime video, Disney+ and many more. You can enjoy access to over 5000+ apps via the Google play store with an Android TV setup. 

However, it’s also easy to connect with amazing and popular streaming media devices like Roku and Amazon Fire Stick and enjoy your favorite video content.

Its remote control is mic enabled to hand over your tasks to Google assistant, and it has Chromecast to support screen mirroring.

Without a doubt, XGIMI Halo is the clear winner as it has better smart features. (>>> Check on Amazon)

WeMax Dice Vs XGIMI HaloPicture quality and color performance

Both projectors give tough competition to each other regarding picture quality. Halo also produces an excellent image but slightly brighter with 800 lumens light source, but here colors are not as vibrant as in Dice. 

Dice produce a more crisp color picture. When XGIMI Halo image setting standard picture mode is combined with the office power mode, 642 ANSI lumens are offered, and it works decently with a 60-inch screen, but the image looks slightly distorted.

When lumens are reduced to 498, the image looks clearer, making it good for watching content.

WebiMax comes with full HD resolution, with complete, accurate Rec.709 color gamut colors and a contrast ratio of 1000:1. The projector projects an amazing and vibrant picture instead of a small size. It can also play all types of home theater content, including 4k content.

The best part is you’ll get clarity and detail at any size screen as it has sharp full hd resolution. With a 4-channel Led color spectrum, color performance is crisper, bright and accurate.

Hence, the clear winner is Wimax Dice in terms of image quality and color performance. (>>> Check on Amazon)

Final VerdictConclusion

We have compared the major features of two portable projectors: XGIMI Halo and WeMax Dice. WebiMax Dice is easy to set up and has better image quality than Halo, whereas Halo has better sound quality and smart features. Both projectors are lightweight, have a weight near and equal to 5 pounds, and are super compact and travel friendly.

Both have unique features and functions. Some features are great in Halo, whereas some in Dice. Now it’s totally up to which you want to consider. Decide one of two portable projectors based on your need and type.