WiMiUS P18 Projector Review

WiMiUS P18 Projector Review

The WiMiUS P18 Projector is a great projector for home use and can also be used in businesses. It has a wide range of connectivity options including HDMI, VGA and SD card slots. The screen size is 18 inches which makes it ideal for watching movies or playing games on the go. You can connect this projector to your TV using a VGA cable which will allow you to use it as an extra TV display when needed.

The contrast ratio is 17000:1 which means that blacks are clear and whites are bright making images look more realistic than ever before! This model also supports P3 color space (D65), so you don’t have to worry about your content not being compatible with this model’s technology because they’re all compatible with each other!

Audio quality is excellent too; there’s no distortion at all even when playing movies at loud volumes! Plus there’s plenty of power behind those speakers too; they produce sound at up 10W per channel – so if someone needs some sound effects while gaming then they’ll be able to hear them clearly without any problems whatsoever!

Projector features

The P18 projector is a 3D laser projector, so it can project images in 3D. It comes with the glasses you need to see the image clearly. The 3D image is not as good as a real 3D movie and more like a 2D projection on a screen. It’s also not as bright and clear as an actual film or TV show would be if it were projected onto your wall or ceiling (or even onto another surface).

If you want to watch movies at home, but don’t have time or energy to go out into the world of theaters anymore–or if you just want something fun to do at night–then this projector might be right up your alley!

Screen shape, size and brightness

The screen is a 2.35:1 aspect ratio, meaning that it has an aspect ratio of 16:9. This means that the width of your image is greater than its height, so you can have more on-screen content without losing any information.

The brightness level will vary depending on ambient lighting conditions, but as long as you’re not in direct sunlight when watching movies or playing games at night then this shouldn’t be much of an issue for most people who are looking for portable devices like this one from WiMiUS!

Contrast ratio, color gamut and P3 color space support

The P18 projector supports a wide range of contrast ratios, including 2,000:1 and 1,000:1 for 4K UHD. It also offers a native 12,500-lumen brightness rating and is rated for 20,000 hours of use on its lamp.

The color gamut supported by the P18 is 85% NTSC and covers 10% of the DCI-P3 color space–the same as most other projectors on the market today (though you’ll have to do some research if your content was shot in REC709 or sRGB).

Audio quality and speaker output

The audio quality of the WiMiUS P18 is good, but not as good as that of its built-in speakers. The sound is clear and loud enough for a small room, but it’s not nearly as loud as the built-in speaker output on the WiMiUS P18.

  • Speaker output: The unit has two speakers: one at the front and one at the back. The front speaker can be turned up to 40 watts (the maximum allowed by EU standards) while the rear unit can handle 10 watts or less if you want to save some money on power consumption. In terms of volume, both speakers will fill your entire room with sound without any distortion.

Video quality at different resolutions, bitrates and framerates

The WiMiUS P18 projector has a native resolution of 1920 x 1080, which is more than enough for its price.

The projector also has an HDMI input port that supports 4K60p at 60 megabits per second (Mbit/s), allowing you to watch movies in 4K with no need for special cables or other equipment–just plug into your TV and play.

The WiMiUS P18 is a great budget projector for basic presentations or watching movies.

WiMiUS P18

The WiMiUS P18 is a great budget projector for basic presentations or watching movies. It’s easy to set up and use, with an intuitive menu system and a few simple controls that let you adjust settings like brightness, contrast, tint and color temperature. There are also plenty of options for adjusting image quality via presets if you want something more advanced than what the default settings offer.

The only real downside with this model is its limited connectivity options: there are no integrated speakers so audio comes through your computer; there’s no HDMI port so you can’t connect it directly into your TV; and it doesn’t have enough ports on its rear panel (only two) to support all of your cables at once while still having room left over for other devices like smartphones or tablets. On top of that, some people may find themselves frustrated by the lack of flexibility offered by these basic features–but if simplicity matters most then this should be enough!


WiMiUS P18 projector is a great budget projector for basic presentations or watching movies. It is small, light and has a good picture quality. The price is very competitive and the device has a long-life battery which makes it ideal for use at home.