XGIMI Horizon pro vs Epson Home Cinema 3800

XGIMI Horizon pro vs Epson Home Cinema 3800

Have you ever thought of transforming your movie watching at home into a theatre  experience? If yes, then this is the symbol from the universe to do it soon! With innovations  and technologies developing day by day, your wish for a transformation could be granted  within short spans of time.

To make the task easier for you, here we are, to introduce to you  two projectors, which could guarantee you quality picture experience and a memorable  watch.

The models taken for comparison are the XGIMI horizon pro and Epson Home  Cinema 3800. Let’s get in to the good part then! 


The Epson Home Cinema 3800 has an impressive 3000 lumens for both white brightness as well as colour, with an advanced 3LCD technology which displays 100 per cent of the RGB  colour signal for every frame without any “rainbow effect” or colour brightness issues. The model also showcases a contrast ratio of up to 100000:1, which results in richer black detail.  (<< Check on Amazon)

Horizon Pro on the other hand is the brightest projector in its class, though it is a bit less  when compared to Epson Home Cinema 3800. The projector promises a consistent delivery  of high colours and super sharp images with 2200 lumens, even in bright environments. 

Picture Quality 

The X-VUE image engine system made into use by XGIMI provides you with smoother and  purer images, with more realistic colours which will enhance the user experience. This  system significantly increases the clarity and fidelity of dynamic pictures. On top of that,  MEMC frame interpolation technology made into use, results in producing images with the  least amount of blur. Your sports and games nights could be transformed into an experience  with these advanced technologies. (<< Check on Amazon)

Coming to Epson Home Cinema 3800, provides its users with smooth tonal transitions, with  12-bit analogue to digital video processing. This in turn results in real time picture experience  as well as eliminates banding, blocking and other compression artifacts from the final visual  performance. 

Installation Ease 

With two HDMI and USB ports, Lan and headphone connections, Horizon Pro makes sure  that you are always plugged in, anywhere. The device also has physical buttons to turn it on and off. There are also options available for you to manually adjust the focus and an  automatic feature, which helps you focus the video in a single click. 

When it comes to Epson Home Cinema 3800, the device on itself has a more defined control  panel, which makes it easier for you when you cannot find the remote. Incorporating the Esc,  Exit and Menu buttons are a bonus to the already existing physical buttons. On the rear, there  are two HDMI ports, a USB port and Service port. (<< Check on Amazon)

Other Smart Features 

Horizon Pro’s integrated optical sensor which allows the XGIMI AI to detect and respond to  objects, saves you from the hassles of manually adjusting the brightness levels.

This AI Light  Adjustment, on the top of adjusting the brightness levels automatically, also guarantees bright  and vibrant images as well. With this you can enjoy an uninterrupted cinematic experience,  whatever be the time. (<< Check on Amazon)

With the latest 18 Gbps HDMI 2.0 specification, Epson Home Cinema 3800 lets you enjoy  4K HDR gaming at a full 60 fps from the latest generation of consoles and streaming devices. 

Your movie sessions and gaming sessions could be taken to the next levels with this 4K HDR  quality offered by the Epson Home Cinema 3800. 

XGIMI Horizon Pro Review

Starting with the XGIMI Horizon Pro, it stands among the most versatile and easy to use  projectors that are now in market. It gives you a powerful package loaded with premium  qualities and technologies that will enchant you.

The picture quality, intelligent imaging  features and the Hi-Fi sound will immerse you in whatever you are watching and lets you  

indulge in it completely. The gigantic screen size of 300 inches is an added bonus, with the  brightness of 2200 lumens which accounts for the picture quality.  

This versatile 4K home projector is the best choice if you are looking for a theatre like  experience right from the comforts of your home.

The feature that it is really easy to use and  handle, proves the point all the more. XGIMI’s proprietary 60Hz motion compensation  technology, uses a specialized algorithm to prevent image flutter and tailing when projecting  dynamic images, making everything you watch stay clear and sharp, be it a movie, sports or  game.

Epson Home Cinema 3800 Review

The Epson Home Cinema 3800 will be your best choice if you are an ardent gamer. The  brand’s latest 4K PRO-UHD technology puts forth an exceptional 4K HDR home theatre  experience, which will be like a cherry on top for gamers! And, with support for the latest 18  Gbps HDMI 2.0 specification, you’ll enjoy 4K HDR gaming at a full 60 fps from the latest  generation of consoles and streaming devices. What more could a gamer dream for! 

The outstanding image clarity and real time digital video processing it offers, the Epson  Home Cinema 3800 will also be an excellent choice when it comes to projectors for home.  The unparalleled brightness of 3000 lumens, even more that its counterpart, exhibited by this  projector makes it perfect to use and operate in any environment, whatever be the light. An  amazing visual treat will be awaiting you if you go on with this choice! 

Conclusion – XGIMI Horizon pro or Epson Home Cinema 3800 

In conclusion, both the projectors are great options to consider if you are about to get a home  theatre for yourself. Though both the machines differ in their specifications at different places  and in different aspects, when we take an overall outlook, both of them are great on their  own.

Now the distinction you can make could be based on your priorities, convenience, and  obviously, the money you are ready to spend on this. Having a home theatre in your home  can become handy at times, be it a game night with your friend or a super cute date with your  partner.

So don’t miss the chance to make everything different with this simple machine that  you just read about. Happy shopping!