Yaber Y30 Native 1080p Projector Review

yaber y30 projector review

Do you also like watching movies at home than go to a movie theater – but at the same time you miss the excellent visual experience of movie theater?

 A high-quality Yaber Y30 projector can solve this problem. With it’s 1080p native resolution, 4K video, giant screen and wide compatibility, it’s a perfect choice for your home.

In this article, I have reviewed Yaber Y30 projector. We will go into depth and discuss its main features and performance like image quality, set up, installation, video quality etc. So, that you can choose the perfect projector according to your need (<<< Find on Amazon Now).


The Yaber Y30 native 1080p projector comes with all necessary accessories, you need for installation. The projector comes with a huge screen, hardware to mount, extra cables and a remote for navigation.

So, even a newbie like you and me can easily mount the projector. Thus, saving you both the unnecessary hassle and extra added cost.

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How 4D keystone correction and zoom function will enhance your overall experience?

yaber y30 keystone correction and zoom function

4D keystone correction function aligns the images from any location. We can also say that It ensures the image is always a standard rectangle from any location.

While most of the 1080p projector lack both horizontal and vertical correction. Yaber Y30 has both horizontal and vertical correction. 

You can adjust the angle of your short throw projector with your remote without getting up to remove the projector to adjust its position. 

X/Y zoom function lets you reduce the projection size, without changing the projector distance. Y30 projector can reduce the image up to half of its original size. You can use the remote control to adjust the size whether you want to reduce the picture size or increase the picture size.

The Yaber Y30 box comes with 2 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports, VGA port, AV port, and you can also connect to TV box, PC, Xbox, media player etc.

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Video Quality

yaber y30 video quality

Yaber Y30 uses optical coating technology and has the highest quality glass for deep light penetration so that you can enjoy superior HD quality content on your projector without down scaling or compression. 

It uses its bright LED light and LCD technology to give 50% more brightness than any other standard projector. 

The Total number of pixels determines the image quality of a video projector. Total number of pixels means images will appear more detailed, crisper and can fit in the display. Yaber Y30, when comparing with other projectors, it’s resolution of 1920*1280 becomes four times higher definition.

Smart Features

The Yaber Y30 has intelligent temperature control means when the projector detects high temperature, it automatically adjusts the fan to prevent overheating of your projector. This decreases the noise 30% compared to other standard projectors.

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Poor heat dissipation is the main reason why most of the projector fails or stop working. But you’ll not have to worry about Y30 as it has a double-sided cooling system, which enhances the heat dissipation of the projector. 


Yaber Y30 projector has 3W built-in dual speakers. Its sound is high enough to comfortably watch movies or series, but you’ll need an external speaker to enhance your auditory experience.

Three-year and lifetime professional support

The best thing about buying Yaber Y30 projector is that it comes with three-year and lifetime professional support. It provides 6 months back and three-year repair, lifetime professional technical support.

What I like:What I would like to change:
Full 1080p at a great priceAdd external speakers to the projector
4D keystone correction and zoom function
Intelligent temperature control

Bottom line

The simple but elegant design of Yaber Y30 fits nicely to your home, office, backyard and the picture it puts out is just remarkable. This projector can be a perfect gift for your spouse or your close friends. They’ll absolutely love this! With its easy set-up and navigation, even a newbie doesn’t need any experience to get started.

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