Febfoxs Portable Projector Review with Specs

Hi! I’m here to review a portable projector that’s not just another one of those throwaway projectors.

This is a projector that looks great, has good performance and is built with quality in mind. Let’s take a look at this little guy!

The projector uses LED lights for its image projection technology, which makes it bright and colorful.

The battery lasts up to 3 hours on a charge, which is great if you want to watch movies outside at night without needing an outlet nearby!

And if you’re traveling and want something more portable than your TV set-up (or just don’t have room), these are perfect for taking along with you wherever your trip takes place!


The projector is very small and portable. It’s also light, so it can easily be carried around with you wherever you go.

The battery lasts for about 15 hours on one charge, but if you want to recharge it, there’s an included wall charger that will do the trick.

The projector has a built in speaker that produces surprisingly good sound quality considering its size (the speakers are hidden behind the lens).

You can use this speaker as part of your presentation or just listen to music while watching movies at home!

The screen is designed for use indoors only; however, because it uses LED lights instead of traditional bulbs like most projectors do (which means less heat), we were able to use ours outside on sunny days without any issues whatsoever—and just make sure not  to look directly at them too much 🙂


The performance is what you’ll notice most about this projector. The brightness is more than enough for indoor use, and it can also be used outdoors if you have clear skies and no light pollution.

The image quality is another plus point of this portable projector as well—the screen supports 1080p at 60Hz refresh rate (which means that your video will be displayed at 120 frames per second), letting you enjoy high-quality picture even on a small screen without any lag or stuttering issues.

You won’t feel like watching anything else when using this projector!

Another great thing about is that they’re incredibly affordable compared to their competitors, which makes them an ideal choice if you want something inexpensive but still good quality


The conclusion is that the Febfoxs Portable Projector is a great choice for those looking to take their projector on the go. It offers a high quality image, which can be enjoyed by both kids and adults alike.

The device is also very easy to use and install, making it perfect for anyone who’s looking to bring their entertainment with them wherever they go.

The Febfoxs Portable Projector has many features that make it stand out from the rest of its competitors in this price range, including:

  • A bright screen with no noticeable distortion or fuzziness
  • A high resolution screen that allows you to see detail even if there are lots of people watching at once (more than 1 person)

This is a great projector for the price. It’s a portable projector that has a lot of features, and it’s also very affordable.

In conclusion, this is a great projector for the price. It’s not going to be suitable for everyone, but if you have an affinity for portability and don’t need the best picture quality then it could be perfect for you.

If you are looking for something more powerful than this one then maybe take a look at our other reviews.