Best portable projector for backyard movies 2022: Complete buyers guide

projector for backyard

After thoroughly going through hundreds portable projector, user reviews and comments based on honest experience of customers, we came across really valuable portable projector for your backyard movies. We’ve reviewed and listed most valuable projector below.

However, if you are in hurry or don’t want to waste your time going through hundreds of product, you can just jump to the Bomaker Portable Projector for Outdoor Movies, which is a highly rated and recommended product on Amazon.

The coronavirus outbreak has forced people to stay indoor. Now, people are going lesser and lesser to movie theaters. Also, with the rise of OTT platform, people are now comfortable watching movies at home.

But nothing is ever going to replace the experience of movie theaters. Your best option? Turn your backyard into movie theater and invite your family and friends for an open-air movie experience in your backyard.

1. VIVIMAGE Explore 3 Projector for Outdoor Movies

The Vivimage Explore 3 projector is widely regarded as the best projector for backyard movies, if it’s within your budget.

The Vivimage Explore is loaded with features: full HD 1080p resolution for clear and fine picture quality, 4D horizontal and vertical adjustment to ensure good picture quality from any long distance, 60k hours long lamp life, 10+ devices multimedia connection and double 10-watt powerful built-in speakers for your finest audio experience. Read more about Vivimage Explore 3.

1. 90 day 100% Money-back guarantee.
2. M-star advanced color engine.
3. 3 double 10-watt speakers
4. 4D horizontal and vertical adjustment
5. Upgraded 7000 lux brightness
6. Massive 3000 inch touch
7. Easily to install it on roof or wall.
8. The kickstand provides fine adjustment.
1. A little fan noise

2. QKK upgraded mini projector model QK03 – Best in budget

The QK03 mini projector is a quality portable projector for playing movies in your backyard with your family and friends.

Some prominent feature of this product include: Easy connection to your home router, accepts the most varied inputs, (USB, HDMI, VGA, A/V, and Wi-Fi), full HD 720pp resolution and latest upgraded 4500Lumens projector. Read more about QKK QK03 Portable projector.

1. 3-year warranty
2. 45k hours long lamp life
3. Very affordable price
4. Excellent customer service
5. Full HD 720p resolution
6. 150” big size
1. Average picture quality

3. Vankyo leisure 3 mini projector

The Vankyo leisure 3 mini projector is made by Vankyo company. The prominent features include: 1920*1080p resolution, LED lighting for superior viewing, photo browsing or gaming, easily connect to your smartphone, big screen size (32” to 170”), no fan noise because of noise suppression technology and two built in speakers for superior sound. Read more about Vankyo Leisure 3 mini projector.

1. Delivers +60% brightness, brighter colorful image than any other projector.
2. 2000:1 contrast ratio
3. Plug and PlayA supplementary tripod
4. Latest noise suppression technology.
1. “Okay” quality speakers

4. Bomaker portable projector for outdoor movies

The Bomaker portable projector is a state-of-the-art mini projector for your backyard movies, made by Bomaker company. The new Bomaker projector provides a lot of flexibility and convenience for playing outdoor movies.

The prominent specs of the device include: 1280*720p resolution for seeing sharper and brighter picture.

With this projector, you don’t have to go to theater or Drive-in theater during the pandemic and enjoy quality time at your home.

600 lux brightness, for seeing clearly even with ambient lighting. 300-inch big screen for your home theater experience. You don’t need to buy any HDMI adapters or dongles to wireless connect your device.

This projector is one of the best that you can buy at this low price. Read more about Bomaker GC35 projector.

1. Native 720p resolution at 480p price
2. Easy to set up
3. Front facing speaker deliver high-quality audio
4. Compact size
1. Short power cordsLimited placement options

5. Optoma HD146X High-Performance Projector

Optoma is a Taiwanese brand. Optoma’s projectors are known for its incredible image quality. It has a long lamp life of 15000 hours. Other functionality of this device include: low 26db noise level, 1080p resolution for best viewing, 3600 lumens, HDTV color quality and an enhanced gaming mode with 16ms input lag, ideal for playing movies in your backyard and even for gaming. Read more about Optoma HD146X.

1. Super bright and sharp image
2. True black levelsSuperior gaming experience
3. Lamp truly lasts upto 15000 hours
4. Easy to install
5. High-end dynamic black technology
6. Low 26db noise level
1. The power cord is short
2. No Menu Audio settings except for Mute/Volume

6. YABER Y30 native 1080p projector 

Yaber Y30 is another quality product from Yaber company. This is projector is ideal for binge-watching your favorite TV shows in your backyard.

Yaber projectors are made from quality materials, it has outstanding colour accuracy and incredibly sharp image.

The biggest plus point on this projector which makes it better than other projectors is that it has 4D electronic keystone correction function. 4D electronic keystone correction corrects the distortion, it makes your output image to square without moving your projector. Read more about Yaber Y30 projector.

1. Intelligent temperature control
2. Advanced cooling technology
3. Real 1080p resolution
4. 4D electronic keystone correction function (+50 for horizontal and vertical correction)
1. A little fan noise, but as you start watching movies, it is hardly noticeable.

7. LG PF50KA full-HD LED portable projector

Do you want a projector that can turn a boring place into a movie theater? Then don’t look further as LG PF50KA projector is loaded with great features. 

It has incredible 30,000 hours of lamp life that means you can take this projector anywhere you like without worrying over battery.

It has medium/maximum energy saving mode, which make its battery last longer.

If you want a projector with 1080p quality, smart TV compatibly, compact size, battery life and fine quality brightness and colors, when used in your backyard at night then this projector is just perfect for you. Read more about LG PF50KA projector.

1. Small size 
2. 30,000 hours long battery life
3. Trusted brand
4. 1080p fine picture quality
5. 600 ANSI lumens brightness
6. Bluetooth connectivity for speakers and headphones
1. None

8. ViewSonic true 4k projector

Imagine, an open movie theater in your backyard, which gives better picture quality than an actual movie theater. This projector is bit expensive but you don’t need to buy another projector for next 5-7 year.

ViewSonic projector gives 4K UHD, 4x quality of a full HD, 3500 lumens with high contrast ratio, which produces bright and clear image at any environment and at any time of the day.

This 4k projector is 1000 lumens brighter than any other portable projector, so you can comfortably watch movies at night and soccer during the day, without compromising with the quality. Read more about ViewSonic PX701-4K.

1. 15,000 hours long lamp life
2. Powerful 10W speakers
3. Dual HDMI connectivity
4. Beautiful 4K  ultra HD resolution
5. Eco-friendly
1. A little fan noise

9. GooDee portable outdoor movie projector

One of the main problem customers face with projector is that the replacement light bulb cost too high. But, with GooDee projector, the LED bulb lasts longer than any other projector. So, now you don’t have to replace costly bulb every year.

GooDee portable projector is an ideal projector for playing movies or games in your backyard. It has huge 300 inch screen, native 1920×100 resolution and a powerful speaker, which gives you the best cinematic experience in your backyard.

Other functionality of this device include: 30-40% lower fan noise, high contrast ratio and advanced optical lens. Read more about GooDee YG620 projector.

Pros: Cons: 
1. 5-year warranty 
2. Powerful HIFI stereo sound
3. Contrast ratio 7000:1
4. Full HD resolution
5. 300 inch huge display size
6. No fan noise
1. No Bluetooth or Wi-Fi capabilities

10. BenQ True 4K HDR-PRO Projector

If you can spend few more bucks then don’t go further as BenQ projector offers the best quality projector in the market. This projector is loaded with outstanding features include: true 8.3 million pixels, CinemaMaster audio+2 for sports lovers, easy installation, high visual brightness and vivid colors and a long lamp life makes it perfect for playing backyard movies or live sports. Read more about BenQ TK850 projector.

Pros: Cons: 
1. Crispy bright video motion and clarity
2. Enhances your gaming experience
3. Easy to use
4. Lightweight, easy to carry
5. Color accuracy
1. A little fan noise, but goes away when you play a video






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