Bomaker GC35 2021 Upgraded Wi-Fi Outdoor Projector Review

Bomaker GC35 2021 upgraded Wi-Fi outdoor projector Review

Bomaker GC3 2021 upgraded Wi-Fi projector is the update of their previous bomaker Wi-Fi projectors – one of the best projectors that is easy to use, highly durable and has true 4K UHD display.

The Bomaker GC35 has improved on the specs in a number of ways, most notably enhanced overall brightness and a native HD 1080p resolution.

Thanks to these enhancements, the bomaker GC35 is easy to install with a high-resolution picture quality. It’s also a very resourceful projector, with a dramatic home cinema viewing experience and a longer gaming experience (<<< CHECK ON AMAZON NOW)

This projector met all my expectations, let’s take a look at its key features, so you can decide if this projector fits your needs or not!

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Bomaker GC35, unlike other projectors is a compact and easier to set up. There are not many menus and the remote is also easier to use.

It can Miracast from small screen to 3-300” giant screen in a shorter throw distance. The projector is a bottom mount. So, you can’t mount it from the top.

One of the significant point for this projector is that it is so light and compact that makes it so easy to install. Paired with easy to use and easy to install, makes it perfect for your backyard movies or camping.

Image quality

Bomaker GC35 2021 upgraded Wi-Fi outdoor projector Review

Bomaker GC35 2021 upgraded projector uses advanced PureMotion frame-interpolation and high dynamic range that gives true 4K viewing experience to you.

Predecessors of this model had issue of blurry four corners and pixelated image. After binge-watching many movies on GC35, I can comfortably say that now it has resolved all its issues. 

Bomaker GC35 comes with 200 ASIN lumens brightness. It also has upgraded 80% brightness uniformity which brings more details on four edges. It lets you enjoy your favorite videos vivid and vibrant even in daylight.

It even has a projection lens to enhance the clarity and sharpness. You can adjust sharpness, brightness and color according to your need and get a mind blown home theater experience.

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Gaming Experience

Bomaker GC35 2021 upgraded Wi-Fi outdoor projector Review

Bomaker CG35 has a latency below 3ms, which means no more lagging. It is designed with Wi-Fi antennal and chipset, which makes it better than most of the 1080p projectors in terms of gaming.

 It lowers gaming and video signal input lag, which means better gaming experience. That makes Bomaker CG35 makes a great choice for people, who loves gaming.


Bomaker CG35 2021 upgraded projector comes with in built speakers. Speakers are pretty good when comparable to other projectors. However, there is little fan noise but, when the video starts, the sound of the fan is lost.

You can wire or wirelessly connect the sound bar and projector easily. Just turn on the soundbar and projector, connect the Bluetooth adapter to USB port and audio jack, and at last switch the soundbar to Bluetooth mode. Now, Bluetooth is connected to soundbar successfully.

You’ll not need external speakers, but if you want more high-quality sound, then go for it. As external speakers are always better, you can’t compare in-built speakers with external speakers.


Bomaker GC35 is a true wireless portable projector. Moreover, you don’t need any switches to different MHL-to-HDMI- Adapter or USB cable to connect your projector.

The input panel on GC35 has a similar lay out of options you’d expect from any projector. This includes HDMI/VGA/USB/AV/SD/Audio Out, you can insert fire stick, Roku stick to play Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu etc.

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Bottom Line

Bomaker GC35 is marketed to mostly sports lover, and it is easy to see why. Native 1080p resolution and upgraded projection lens and focus, which can provide sharp and detailed images for watching live sports comfortably. It’s compact size and easy to set up, makes it great for people who love watching movies in the backyard or who love camping.

Low input lag and high definition video makes it perfect for people who love gaming. While average audio quality may concern some people, for most of its pros outweigh its cons.






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