QKK QK03 Upgraded Mini Projector Review – Ultimate Buying Guide

qkk qk03 mini projector review buying guide
qkk qk03 mini projector review buying guide

The QK03 upgraded mini projector is state-of-the-art projector that completes the purpose of a quality mini projector. It’s easy to connect, latest upgraded technology and affordable. 

With all the latest specs at affordable price, doesn’t mean it compromises with quality. QK03 mini projector has the same features of a quality portable projector, but with a low cost.

(Updated) Unfortunately, QKK QK03 is unavailable on Amazon. However, You can take a look at GooDee W18 WiFi Movie Projector, it comes in the same price range as QK03, but has better picture quality and has 6-year long warranty.

QKK QK03 Upgraded 5500 Lumens Mini Projector:

For QK03 mini projector, you don’t have to buy an expensive adapter as it lets you connect your android or iOS smartphone to your projector. 

It has simplified the Wi-Fi connection operation that means you can easily connect your mini projector with USB cable and Wi-Fi.

If you love trekking, camping or any other outdoor activities, then this projector is perfect for you as it is compact, light, affordable and convenient. Do you love watching movies in your backyard under a clear night sky then see my review of the best portable projector for your backyard.

Brightness and Image Quality

qkk qk03 mini projector review

It has upgraded 5500 lumens, that means it has more than enough brightness to light up your whole backyard. Also, it has huge 150” size. Your family and friends will absolutely love this.

It has native 720p resolution, so if you are looking for 1080p projector with the same features, then go for Vivimage Explore 3. It has full-HD resolution and fine picture quality. However, it will cost you $239.99, while QK03 costs only $129.99. So, you have to decide if you are willing to spend extra $110 for better picture quality then go for Vivimage Explore 3 projector

Multimedia Home Theater Projector

Qk03 is a multimedia mini projector which means you can play most of the media players on your projector for example Xbox, PS3, PC, Mac, TV stick, Roku stick and many more.

Choosing a good projector is a hard task as you have to thoroughly research all products. Because, if a projector does not work properly, you have to again empty your pockets to get repair done. QK03 provides three years warranty. It will cover your expenses for three years.

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How to connect QK03 by Wi-Fi with your iOS?

You can easily connect your projector by Wi-Fi with your iOS device in simple four steps.

  1. Turn on your projector and then choose “Set up Wi-Fi connection”.
  2. Choose “Network” and click “Wi-Fi scan”. It will start searching for available networks. It will show “Wi-Fi AP searching”.
  3. Open the “screen mirroring/ AirPlay function”, connect the wireless “LAN”.
  4. Your connection is successful. However, if you find any problem feel free to contact them.

How to connect QK03 by Wi-Fi with your Android smartphone?

You can easily connect QK03 projector by Wi-Fi with your android smartphone in less than two minutes. Just, follow these four simple instructions.

  1. First step is same for both iOS and android devices, choose “Set-up Wi-Fi connection”.
  2. Open “Multi cast or Miracast” function.
  3. You will find Wi-Fi name “ZYCast-48b2(2mcast)”, click on it.
  4. Hurray! Your connection is successful. 

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