Vankyo Leisure 3 Review: Perfect for Netflix Nights

Vankyo Leisure 3
vankyo leisure netflix review

We at ProjectorForYou, believe projectors should be equipped with the latest technology, aesthetically made and easy to use from beginners to experts.

Vankyo leisure 3 mini projector is one of the best-selling portable projector on Amazon, it comes along with 170” large screen size and a superb high quality internal speakers. (<<< CHECK ON AMAZON NOW)

While I was researching for Vankyo Leisure 3 and after reading many guides and reviews across the internet, I was astonished with so less information available for this projector.

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And if you’re also tired of reading unnecessary junk on the net like me, don’t worry as I have thoroughly looked into the vankyo leisure 3 mini projector and have kept the guide simple, short and informational.

vankyo leisure 3 netflix review

Product description

Product Type:Home Theater Video Projector
Model: LEISURE 3
Display Technology: LCD
Contrast: 2000:1
Standard Resolution:800*480
Compatible Resolution: HD 1080P
Keystone Correction: 15 degrees
Projection Mode: Front Projection, Rear Projection, Ceiling Projection
Power: 110-240V~50/60HZ
Speaker: Built-in Stereo Speaker
Fan:Double high power silent turbo fans
Product Size: 7.9*5.9*3.1 inch
Product Weight: 2.1 lbs.

Vankyo Leisure 3 Brightness and Picture Quality:

Vankyo is one of the few companies, which manufactures 2K mini projectors at a budget price. It also supports 1920×1080 resolutions for better cinematic experience.

Powered by a MStar advanced color engine, this projector has new upgraded led lightning, which will give you a feel of a movie theater. 

This projector is so compact that you can carry it anywhere except for office as it is not recommended for office presentations because of lower resolution.

So, if you need a mini projector than can be used for both office purposes and as well as for your personal needs, then definitely go for QKK QK03 upgraded mini projector.

I watched Tenet in my backyard and honestly, I didn’t find any single flaw in terms of viewing experience. However, I would recommend using in a slightly dark environment.

Are you also looking for the best mini projector for your backyard? Then go and check out our Best portable projector for backyard movies.

Multimedia portable projector:

Vankyo leisure 3 is a multimedia mini projector as it can be used for video viewing, Netflix, YouTube, photo browsing and many more.

You can easily connect your android or Apple smartphone. Also, If you are a gamer, you can easily connect your PS3, PS4 or Wii and enjoy your games. 

Big Screen Size:

Vankyo Leisure 3 projector provides a huge screen size from 32” to 170” and functions work from 4.9ft. to 16.4ft. away.

However, 6.5ft is the optimum projection distance to watch movies or series. Keystone correction provides viewers with proper and regular picture without any distortion or lets you watch from any angle.

Fan Noise Suppression System:

Imagine you are watching Netflix with your guests at home and suddenly the noise from the projector overshadows the sound of the video playing on the projector. How would that feel? Wouldn’t be irritating to you. 

More than 80% of projectors have this flaw in the market. The sound of the fan is noticeable when starting the projector but as soon as the video starts the noise fades, but it is always there.

Vankyo Leisure 3 is a budget mini projector, but unlike other budget projectors, it has a powerful noise suppression technology.

So, it suppresses the excessive fan noise from the projector and lets you watch silently without any airflow problem of overheat and noise.

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Vankyo Leisure 3 External Speakers

Vankyo leisure 3 has advanced in built speakers that lets you watch any movie or series in excellent and loud sound quality.

If you also love playing games on projector like me, then I would recommend using external speakers for this projector as it further increases sound quality.

For this price, this projector delivers top-notch experience. If you’re looking for an external speaker, then I would recommend Theater Solutions TS425ODB Indoor or Outdoor Speakers.

Vankyo Leisure 3 ceiling mount

You can absolutely mount this on your ceiling. If you are using it for home theater, then should definitely mount it to the ceiling.

Projector ceiling mounts comes at cheap price, and just put hooks right in and screws into the ceiling.

Vankyo Leisure 3 connect to iPhone

1. Plug your iPhone X or iPad Pro 2 into the “Apple Lightning to HDMI adapter.” Make sure the other end is connected to a power source. Use a good power source – the smaller iPhone charging brick may not work. You may have to use superchargers from Apple.

2. Plug the HDMI cable into your projector (which is still off but connected to power) and the other end into your lightning<>HDMI adapter.

3. Turn on the projector and select HDMI as your source.

Vankyo Leisure 3 connect to android phone

Connecting Vankyo Leisure 3 to android smartphone is easy. You don’t need to install any app, you can easily realize the smart-phone connection. 

Micro USB/Type C to HDMI adapter is needed for Android phone connection. But Adapter is sold separately, so you experience to buy it separately.

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Vankyo Leisure 3 bulb replacement

Vankyo Leisure 3 comes with 40,000 hours long LED lamp life. The Main reason for its long lamp life is because of LED bulbs, the typical average rated life of LED bulb is more than other fluorescent, HID, and Halogen bulbs.

But, if your bulb is not working properly, and you need to replace it, then you can ask the seller to have things fixed or replaced. If it is your recently purchase they may want to make it right to prevent any bad reviews on Amazon.






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