How To Remove Frame Lock In Projector ?

If you’ve ever used a projector and find it difficult to get the screen in focus, you might have noticed that your picture appears slightly blurred. This is because your projector uses a frame-lock system to keep the image from moving when the projector isn’t turned on. If you want to remove this feature from your projector or if you want to change the settings on your current one, follow these steps:

Go to the display menu

The first step is to go to the display menu. Press the menu button and select your picture mode, then scroll down until you find “Adjustments” (or something similar). Choose this option and make sure that Frame Lock is selected in its submenu.

Select the picture mode

  • Go to the display menu.
  • Select the picture mode.
  • Find Adjustements and choose Frame Lock.

Find the Adjustments option

To get started, select the Display menu. Then, go to the Picture menu and scroll down to Adjustments. This will be near the bottom of your list of options.

Now that you’ve found it, look for an option called Frameless Control or something similar. If there isn’t one here (which is unlikely), then click on “More Settings.” This will take you back up to where you were before and show all available settings for controlling your projector’s frame lock feature

Choose Frame-Lock option

You’ll find the Adjustments option in the Picture menu. Click it, then choose Frame-Lock. Now you can see how to remove frame lock in projector.

Follow these steps to remove frame lock from your projector.

  • Go to the display menu.
  • Select the picture mode. If you’re using a projector, this will be Picture by Picture (PBP) or Picture-in-Picture (PiP).
  • Find adjustments and choose frame lock from there.


The above instructions will help you to remove the frame lock from your projector. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave a message below!

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