7 Best Projector Under $2500

Best Projector Under $2500

Are you looking for the best projector for under $2500?

Then I must say you are at the right place. If you are confused about which projector to buy under $2500, read our article until the end as it will help you select the best suited projector for you.

Now you don’t need to spend lots of money to buy the best projector. You can get the best projector for under $2500.

These Projectors offers superb theater experience at home. If you want to watch your favorite TV show, movies, or gaming, having the right projector for a great viewing experience is important.

So, in this article, we will discuss the seven best projectors under $2500. Let’s check out these projectors and their high-end features without further ado.

Here are 7 Best Projects under $2500

#1 WeMax Nova Short Throw Laser Projector

One of the best projectors under $2500 is WeMax Nova Short Throw Laser Projector, with excellent gaming latency. You will be amazed by its picture quality and other high-end features. 

The most common issue with the projector is poor image quality, but this model is designed with 4k UHD and bright 2100 ANSI lumens. It is capable of producing full HD 1080p resolution content. 

If you want a broad gamut and deep vibrancy, this will be the ideal choice for you as it is built with ALPD 3.0 and TI DLP technology. Another advantage  it offers you to choose from four distinct projectors sizes. 

WeMax Nova not only excels in image quality but also has powerful 30W DTS HD speakers by Dolby audio. You will enjoy the home theater experience with crystal clear audio and image. To increase your expertise, you can connect via HDMI output. 

With Android TV 9.0, enjoy your favorite video streaming apps, including documentaries, Hulu, Disney+, Nick, Showtime, and many more. (>>>> Go To Amazon Now)

Special Features

  • Brightness: 2100 lumens
  • Contrast ratio: 3000:1
  • Multi-device video compatible
  • Multiple connectivity options
  • Color accuracy calibration

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#2 Optoma Cinemax P2 Smart 4k UHD Laser Projector

Optoma Cinemax P2 Smart 4k UHD Laser Projector will be your best buddy. Embrace your cinematic experience like no other with this model as it features 4k UHD resolution and Dolby Digital 2.0 audio. With just a few feet away, you can enjoy massive 120” images on screen due to its ultra-short-throw design technology. 

Let Google and Alexa be your assistant and do tasks like power on and off, adjust volume, switch sources, etc. It also includes IFTTT support for quick integration into your bright home.

It provides elevated 120% of Rec. 709 gamut coverage, benefits in excellent color performance, and makes images more realistic. Also, it has a six-segment color wheel for accurate, crisp, and cinematic color.

Its mind-blowing sound with superior dialogue clarity with 40W integrated speakers with two full-range drivers, two woofers, and Dolby Digital 2.0 audio support make you experience the best cinematic audio at your home. (>>>> Go To Amazon Now)

Special Features

  • Brightness: 3000 lumens
  • Contrast ratio: 2,000,000:1
  • Connect smart devices with Optoma smart+ 
  • The long life span of the laser source is up to 30000 hours.
  • Brilliant color performance

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#3 Epson Home Cinema 4010

Another in the list and one of the top picks is Epson Home Cinema 4010. This model offers high-end features and excellent image quality and clarity. You will get a fantastic experience with this high-quality projector.

This will be the right solution for you if you are looking for a three-chip design best projector experience. It is constructed with high-tech 3LCD Innovation displays 100% of the RGB color signal.

Get the maximum speed possible with this 4k resolution designed item, and its response time is also decent making it suitable for gaming. 

To offer a sharp and clear visual experience, it allows millions of pixels and is embedded with pixel-shifting technology. Get the best video and image quality that you have never experienced before with this Epson model as it has 2400 lumens brightness and a good contrast ratio.

This is among the best projector in this price range with an impressive image display, the latest specs, 4k resolution, and other high-end features. (>>>> Go To Amazon Now)

Special Features

  • Brightness: 2600 lumens
  • Contrast ratio: 200,000:1
  • Easy setup and compact design
  • Warranty extension up to 12-24 months
  • Short throw technology

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#4 LG HU70LA 4K UHD CineBeam Projector

Another great projector under the budget is LG HU70LA 4K UHD CineBeam Projector. It has an inbuilt Alexa, so if you are more or a person who likes to control devices with your voice, this is for you to shop. Watch your favorite TV shows, sports, games, movies, images, etc., in a cinematic experience at home with this item.

This CineBeam Projector fits your lifestyle the way you want as it can be used as a portable projector, so carry it whenever you want with ease. Another benefit of this projector is it power you to stream the latest releases from Netflix, Hulu, VUDU, Prime video, etc. 

This model is also suitable for gaming as it is a 4K projector designed for you to enjoy action sequences smoothly and clearly. (>>>> Go To Amazon Now)

Its massive screen display of up to 140 inches will make you feel like you are sitting on the field doing all the actions while playing games as it offers better clarity and amazing details. 

Special Features

  • Brightness: 1500 lumens
  • HDR10 and TruMotion make animation more fluid
  • Create crisp, deep, and rich color pictures via LED technology
  • Access to LG WebOS smart TV operating system
  • 4K USD resolution

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#5 Optoma ZH406ST Short Throw Full-HD Professional Laser Projector

Another worth value product is ZH406ST, having 4200 lumens brightness and a short-throw lens design. If you are looking for a projector with excellent brightness level, easy installation, low maintenance for 20,000 hours, then this one is perfect.

Its high-intensity brightness, small size, superior reliability, and impressive image quality make it the best projector. 

It’s an ideal solution for businesses, education, conference rooms, projection mapping, entertainment venues, etc. It is compatible with 4k signals and a high dynamic range. Likewise, it makes images appear crisp, clear, and even more realistic by delivering whites and deeper black levels. (>>>> Go To Amazon Now)

You can experience a 100” massive screen size from just 1.1 m away due to its short throw lens design. It is designed with Airtight Optical Engine with IPX6 certificate to ensure high-reliability excellent brightness constancy, and these airtight provide a long-lasting experience. It has mercury-free laser light, which lasts a long lifetime of up to 20,000 hours.

Special Features

  • Brightness: 4200 lumens
  • Contrast ratio: 300,000:1
  • Robust DuraCore technology
  • Tilt free orientation along with portrait mode and integrated speakers
  • Flexible and easy installation

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#6 Epson Epiqvision Ultra Short Throw LS300 3LCD Smart Laser Projector

Enjoy screenless TV experience with LS300 bright laser projector. Its ultra-short throw design and sound by Yamaha made it effortless to experience the latest movies and TV shows with a big-screen theater feel. Place it just a few inches away from you and enjoy your favorite content on a 120” inch big screen. 

Its 3600 lumens brightness results in sharp and crisp pictures. This model features built-in Android TV and wireless connectivity to give you smooth access to your favorite streaming apps like Hulu, Disney+, HBO, YouTube, etc.

Watch movie and shows with a big screen and transparent images at any space of your home with an LS300 bright laser projector. It also has an easy-to-use remote with a built-in Google Assistant for voice control.

It has partnered with Yamaha to offer a unique sound experience by designing an audiophile 2.1 speaker system. To use it as a standalone system, connect it with Bluetooth. 100% RGB color signal is displayed via advanced 3LCD technology. This Projector also has an automatic scene-based color correction to produce a more realistic image. (>>>> Go To Amazon Now)

Special Features

  • Brightness: 3600 lumens
  • Smart remote control
  • Brilliant service and support
  • Actual 3 Chip projector design
  • Modern and aesthetic design

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#7 LG HU810PW 4K UHD 

Last but not least, another best 4k projector under reasonable price is LG HU810PW 4K UHD Projector. It will be best for you if you want to enjoy movies and pictures at your home. All professionals and experts love this high-quality dual laser projector.

This product is suitable for bright and dark environments; you can change iris mode based on your domain.

It will be your number one choice to enjoy thrilling and unforgettable big home screen theater experiences. Another best part is its compact size, making it easy to fit into your home, TV lounge and living room, etc.

Another significant advantage is that it’s easy to install. It won’t take too much time to set up and can adjust at any place due to its modern and appealing design. (>>>> Go To Amazon Now)

It has 2700 ANSI lumens brightness and delivers realistic, bright, and clear image quality. Not only that, but it is also embedded with smart TV built-in apps, wireless connection, and the latest ways to access the content. Along with that, it is Bluetooth and HDR10 compatible. 

Special Features

  • Brightness: 2700 lumens
  • Contrast ratio: 2,000,000:1
  • Best for both day and night 
  • Easy installation
  • Short throw lens

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Buying Guide: Crucial factors to consider before buying a 2500 projector

Deciding to buy a projector for your home can be hard on your pocket. It will be your buddy if you love watching movies, games, and shows on the big screen in the long run. 

If you have decided to buy one for yourself, then first you need to decide which type of projector you want as everybody has different needs and requirements. You can’t buy the one which your best friend bought. 

To help you make the final decision, we have discussed some crucial points you should consider before buying a 2500 projector. These are as follows:

#1 Lumens and room light conditions

If you are one of those who like watching movies or shows in a fully dark room or prefer placing a projector in a dark room to enhance your visual experience, then a projector with 1000 lumens will be the best fit for you. 

But if you don’t have a dark room or watch movies during the day, you need the best projector under $2500 with a high-intensity brightness level. We have mentioned many projectors under $2500 who are perfect for bright and dark environments. So get one with good lumens, around 3000 or more, to watch movies in light. 

#2 Image quality

Not all projectors excel in image quality. So, before buying one, you must check its image quality. The majority of movies are in a 16:9 ratio, so make sure your projector has this. Getting a projector with a different changing aspect ratio will be more beneficial. 

All the projectors we listed deliver high-quality, clear, and crisp images, making them even more realistic. There’s no use in buying a projector of poor quality. Image quality is one of the significant factors to consider before getting a projector.

#3 Price range

One of the significant factors to consider before buying a projector is pricing. There is no limit to pricing, so you need to choose one which suits your budget. If your budget is 2500, we have mentioned incredible options for you. And the listed options are budget-friendly and rich in quality and features.

#4 Connectivity

Before buying a projector, do check connectivity options. If you purchase a projector for movies and games, the projector should have an HDMI port. And if you want one for business purposes, then a projector with a USB port will be beneficial. Wi-Fi support will also be an excellent option for streaming from all modern devices. Many projectors come up with flexible connectivity, so remember to check connectivity before buying the product.


If you don’t get time to watch movies at the theater or don’t like watching movies in public, then bring a big-screen movie experience to your home. We have discussed the seven best projectors, choose one as per your need and suitable.

All of them are unique in their way. Get one which suits you and your requirements the most. These projectors’ price is reasonable, but they are high-quality products with lots of high-end latest features. Pick your favorite from the list and enjoy.