Xgimi Aura vs Optoma Cinemax P2 

Are you a movie maniac? Do you spend your hard-earned money booking tickets to watch  films in theatres? If so, you must have at least once felt uncomfortable, of the seats, its  placement or the disturbances caused by others around.

Well, if you want to eliminate this  tiring process of anxiety every time you go to watch a movie, this is your chance. You might  have heard of laser projectors and home theatres, that are now common in our markets, and  are easily accessible.

But when it comes to buying one for yourself, it could become a  difficult task, because of all the different features highlighted by each of the brands.

So here  we are, to help you in this decision making, by introducing to you two of the best laser  projectors in market, the XGIMI Aura and the Optoma Cinemax P2. Let’s get started! 


Comparing both these projectors on the basis of brightness, the XGIMI Aura provides a  brightness of 2400 ANSI lumens, while the Optoma Cinemax P2 treats you with an  astonishing brightness of 3000 lumens. Aura guarantees crisp and clear images, be it any time  of the day, with a remarkable lifespan of 20,000 hours, while P2 provides you 30,000 hours  of light source, without any necessary lamp replacements, and ensures stable output.

P2 could  be your best choice if you have toddlers and kids around, since its built-in PIR sensors  automatically adjusts the brightness levels whenever your children are about to approach the  light source, which could harm their eyes. 

Best Brightness : Optoma Cinemax P2

Picture Quality 

With a stunning amount of 8.3 million individual pixels, Aura presents to you an incredible  watch, while P2 is not too far behind with 8 million pixels and 4K image quality. Utilising its  60 Hz MEMC technology, XGIMI Aura adds smoothness to your videos.

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You can also be  assured of the well-being of your eyes, since Aura eliminates blue light, which means, you  can enjoy watching without straining your eyes at all. The 6-segment colour wheel given to  you by Optome Cinemax P2 gives you accurate colours, with the brightest whites and deepest  darks.

Its PureMotion technology compensates motion blur and in turn provides you with  razor sharp images even in fast moving scenes.  

Best Picture Quality : XGIMI Aura

Installation Ease 

XGIMI Aura comes with 3 HDMI ports, 3 USB and, one headphone jack, which becomes  handy for your gaming sessions. The controls are pretty much easy to handle and convenient. 

Display has to be adjusted manually, but with the 8-point keystone correction it offers, you  can watch your shows in a perfect screen within seconds. P2 also comes with 3 HDMI ports  and 3 USB ports.

If you are using Optoma ALR screens, you can have a hassle-free screen  adjustment with your smartphone. The SmartFit image alignment system, with the help of  your smartphone can make the process done in no time. 

Best Installation : Optoma Cinemax P2

Other Smart Features 

The XGIMI Aura further surprises you by integrating built-in Chromecast and Google  Assistant, which gives you access to unlimited content with no much trouble. With this,  accessing your favourite apps like Netflix, Disney, HBO Max and YouTube will be fast and  smooth.

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The Dolby Digital 2.0 audio systems that comes with Optoma Cinemax P2  guarantees your 4K UHD cinematic experience a really spectacular one, with all the theatre  effects it provides. All your favourite contents such as Chromecast, Fire TV, Apple TV, etc.  can also be accessed in this laser projector. 

Now going to the part where we analyse both the projectors individually.

XGIMI Aura Review

XGIMI Aura, this stylish and sleek laser projector could be your go to projector if you are  someone who is looking for a luxurious looking and a space saving projector. Even though  

small and stylish, it does not compromise with the quality of images it produces, with an  amazing brightness of 2400 ANSI lumens. This powerful projector delights you with a 120” screen, only with a distance of 11.7 inches from the wall.

It is with the Ultra Short Throw  (UST) technology that the projector utilises, life like images are displayed on the screen  without being too much concerned about the space. XGIMI Aura could be your next TV or a  replacement to your current TV, as its specs are truly amazing and long lasting than a normal  TV.

You can indulge in the theatre like experience every time you watch your Aura, without  being worried about the brightness being fading away, as it happens with conventional TVs. 

Optoma Cinemax P2 Review

Optoma Cinemax P2, this projector has been nominated and awarded many a  times for its elegant design, will be an addition to the décor to your living room. P2 also uses  the Ultra Short Throw technology, that projects your images in a 120 inches screen with a  mere distance of 14.5 inches.

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The 3000 lumens brightness is an additional bonus to the 6- segment colour wheel that reproduces your images and videos in accurate colour, as in real life.

The visuals presented by P2 will be a treat to your eyes with the razor-sharp images it  produces with the help of the advanced image processing DLP 4K UHD chip. Any  misalignment issues are hence avoided by the use of this one chip design. If you are looking 

for a small projector that fits your place with no much hassles, of cables protruding out of  nowhere, this Optoma Cinemax P2 could be your best choice, as it requires no extra space,  messy cables or extra attention.

Added to all these is the Dolby Digital 2.0 sound system,  which will take your watch sessions to the next level, exactly as in a theatre with the premium  sound quality. 


To conclude, both the laser projectors, the XGIMI Aura as well as the Optoma Cinemax P2,  are among the best in market when it comes to laser projectors that serves you with premium  specs and watching experience. Both the machines have great designs which will perfectly  blend in with the aesthetics of your rooms.

The features that protect the eyes of the viewers,  of both the projectors, are remarkable as well, which in turn gives you the option to watch for  longer hours. With the specs, pros and cons discussed, it now comes upon you reader to make  a decision based on the facts stated above. Your choice will be the best.

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